Food / Drink

The FDA shut down Skittles factories after finding that the candy is made with cocaine.

The FDA has discovered that the makers of Arizona Iced Tea add human urine to their products.

Embryonic kidney cells from aborted babies are used as an ingredient in food and drinks.

Social media posts warn dog owners not to give their dogs Canine Carry Outs brand dog treats because an anti-freeze called propylene glycol is listed in its ingredients and will poison their pet.

New cans of Pepsi will feature the Pledge of Allegiance without the phrase “under god.”

This is a forwarded email that said that Halal meats are beginning to appear at the meat sections at Costco all over the country.

Warnings have gone viral on the Web alleging that McDonalds fast food chains are filling there burgers with worm meat.

This is a forwarded email with photos of what appears to be a train sculpted from chocolate on display at a train station in Brussels. The email alleges that this is the world's longest chocolate structure.

A lawsuit claims that some brands of California wine have dangerously high levels of arsenic.

A woman in Virginia opened her order of fried chicken pieces from McDonalds and was disgusted to find the deep-fried head of a chicken.