President Obama planned to issue an executive order that would strip Texas of statehood ahead of the Jade Helm 15 military exercise.

A number of news outlets and blogs sites have reported that Girl Scouts of America recently changed its policy so that boys who identify as girls can join the organization.

Yoko Ono has admitted that she and Hillary Clinton had an affair during the 1970s.

Louisiana House Bill 195 makes it illegal to use cash to purchase second-hand goods in the state.

The call sign given to Hillary Clinton’s helicopter by soldiers during a tour of Iraq was “Broomstick One.”

Puerto Ricans who don’t speak English receive disability benefits.

A viral email claims that First Lady Michelle Obama made a questionable fashion statement at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, and that taxpayers footed the bill for her outfit.

A chain email claims that an Arizona law that punishes employers who hire undocumented Mexican employees has made Mexican officials angry.

A forwarded email explains “how to get $75,000 in benefits for you and your girlfriend” by legally gaming the Section 8 housing assistance program.

Blog posts reporting that operational guns have been banned from the NRA’s national convention have gone viral in light of the group’s advocacy for gun rights.