Reports have gone viral that an official complaint or lawsuit has been filed against the Catholic University of America because crucifixes on the campus have offended Muslim students.

A new “mega mosque” that will be built in the United Kingdom’s city of Birmingham will blast a daily call to prayer through speakers that can be heard 15 miles away.

The Star of David appears on the bottoms of Vans so that people can “step on Jews” while they wear them.

ISIS terrorists in Syria have been stricken with a flesh-eating plague.

The government didn’t allow priests to say mass on some military bases during the government shutdown.

Mexican authorities have confirmed an ISIS camp located just south of El Paso, Texas, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Walmart has started a “watch list” for Christian employees in an effort to hush their religious views.

Social media posts warn that a video or gif called “dance of the pope” contains a virus that erases data from mobile phones.

News articles from the Web alleging that Malik Obama, the half brother of President Barack Obama, has been photographed in a Hamas scarf that boasts 'Jerusalem is ours – We are coming.'

This is an inspirational story about Willie Myrick who was allegedly abducted by an unknown man in Atlanta, Ga. The boy sang a Gospel song non-stop for three hours, which irritated his kidnapper so much that he eventually released him.