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UPS, Fed Ex, USPS Delivery Failure Notice-Virus!
Flashlight Apps Spy on Users – Investigation Pending!
Bendy iPhone 6 Plus-Truth!
iPhone 6 Ebola Scare
Yahoo Wants You to Update Your Account Information-Phishing!
Beware of a Short Email, Even if From Someone You Know, That Simply Asks You to Click a Link, It Could Infect Your Computer- Virus Warning!
The WTC Survivor or WTC virus-Fiction!
WhatsApp Notification of a Voice Message-Virus!
Forward an email to see your lover's name on the screen-Fiction!
Request from Whatsapp to Forward Messages to Friends-Fiction!
Verizon FiOS Defends Porn as a "Tremendous Benefit To Consumers"-Truth!
Create an entry in your address book to avoid spreading viruses-Fiction!
Warning of Valentine Virus-Truth!
Forward an mail for Victoria's Secret and get a gift certificate-Fiction!
Use BCC for group emails-Truth!
The United Nations and the Internet-Truth!
Email Alleged to be from Microsoft That Offers Software Update"-VIRUS!
The popular site Twitter was invaded by malicious programs-Truth! But Now Resolved!
Billing Statements From UPS-Fiction! & Scam!
Ban Internet taxes-Truth!
Video of an Amazing Three Dimensional Printer-Truth!
Renew your email account because it's been suspended-Fiction!
Emailed Important Notice From Target-Possible Virus!
According to a new law, email Spam is okay-Fiction!
Sony CD
Talking Angela iPhone App Warning- Fiction!
sircam@mm Virus
A warning about emails that contain photos and songs by Michael Jackson could actually be malicious infections -VIRUS!
The difference between HTTP and HTTPS-Truth!
Warning: Posting Smartphone Photos in Social Networks-Truth!
Your Latest Sprint Bill is Available Online-Fiction! & Phishing! & Virus!
Popular Mechanics photo from 1954 predicting the look of the home computer in 2004-Fiction!
PayPal has Limited Your Account Until They Hear From You- Fiction! & Scam!
PayPal Customer Review Team Warning of Unusual Charges-Fiction! & Phishing!
Email about a PayPal Class Action Settlement-Truth!
Child porn credit card charge?-Fiction!
New CD-ROM computer game features panty raids-Truth!
PayPal wants you to update your financial information-Fiction!
Obama Administration Plans to Seize Control of the Internet and Install a Kill Switch-Truth! and Fiction!
Photo of the Dead Osama Bin Laden-Fiction! and Possible Virus!
An Emailed Traffic Ticket From New York State Police- Fiction! & Possible Virus!
Important Notice from Netflix-Fiction!
Netflix Customers May be Eligible to Receive a Cash Payment or Gift Card from a Settlement Involving Netflix and Wal-Mart-Truth!
Mail Server Virus-Truth! & Fiction!
Microsoft Patent That Requires Paying Attention to Computer Ads
Geeky Picture of Microsoft Personnel in 1978-Truth!
The Mondex chip for the right hand and forehead-Mostly Fiction!
Microsoft and AOL Beta Test-Fiction!
Microsoft virus warning-Fiction!
Save MSN Messaging-Fiction!
Avoiding MSN Hackers-Fiction!
Warning That a New Virus is Activated by Using F1 Key in Windows-Truth!
Invitations to Join the Social Network LinkedIn- Virus!
McAfee Warns of Security Issues on Obamacare Website-Truth!
Internet Explorer Bug Opens Computers to Hackers-Truth!
Mediacombb or Mediacom Email Notice to Customers-Fiction! & Phishing Scam!
Record-Breaking Megawoosh Waterslide Jump-Fiction!
Life is Beautiful Virus-Fiction!
New Facebook Virus “spreading like wildfire”-Virus!
Stanford Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs-Confirmed Authorship!
Klingerman Virus is coming to people's homes in blue envelopes-Fiction!
eMails Advertising Insurance May Lead to Computer Virus-Truth!
Intuit or Quickbooks Has Sent You a notice by Email-Phishing Scam!
Forward an email for IBM and win a new computer-Fiction!
Internet Clean Up Day-Fiction!
Homeland Security Warns to Disable Java in Computers-Truth!
Incoming Fax Report-Virus!
Tax Refund Notification From IRS-Virus!
Emails From The Internal Revenue Service Telling You to Update Your Information-Fiction! & Scam!
Hotmail will shut down if you don't forward an email about it-Fiction!
Violation of Policy Resulted in Account Suspension of Reporter Who Tweeted Criticisms About NBC Olympics Coverage-Truth!
A Thank You from Google For Submitting  Your Resume-Virus!
Woman Rescued by Google Earth After 7 Years on Island-Fiction!
Mapping telephone numbers on Google-Truth!
Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability Warning-Truth!
The Account of Former Navy Seal Christopher Hebon-Truth!
Gun maker Says Dell refused to sell him a computer-Truth!
Al Gore claimed responsibility for creation of the Internet-Truth!
Video Warning about Head and Shoulders or Dove Shampoo-Fiction!
"Here You Have" Email With a Link That Could Infect Your Computer-Virus!
Forward a friendship email to friends and see a video on your screen-Fiction!
Federal Communications Commission To Adopt Rules For Government Internet Regulation-Truth!
New Facebook Messenger App Warning-Truth!
Facebook Was Created by the CIA for Intelligence Gathering- Fiction!
Posting a Privacy Notice on Facebook Protects Posted Material - Fiction!
Family Tree Maker version 9 genealogy software Is spyware-Fiction!
Giraffe Riddle on Facebook-Truth!
Flashing "IM" in AOL Instant Messenger is a virus-Fiction!
Facebook releasing members photos to third party advertisers-Fiction!
A Funeral Notice by Email -Virus!
Facebook No Religion or Swearing Campaigns-Fiction!
Click “Like” on Facebook to Help Boy Who Was Shot by Stepfather–Fiction!
The FCC proposes charging extra for Internet access-Fiction!
Facebook to Charge Members Monthly Fees-Fiction!
Facebook Censored Obama Critics-Fiction!
The "friendlygreetings" e-card that acts like a virus-Truth!
Security Compromise at Ebay Resulted in Requests to Change Passwords-Truth!
Disney and Microsoft will pay you for forwarding an email about them-Fiction!
Free Ericsson laptops?-Fiction!
Beware of Emailed Faxes Allegedly From eFax Corporation. They Could Result in Malware Infection -Virus!
Merchants Warning Customers About Possible Spam Attacks After Marketing Firm Security Breech-Truth!
Forward emails for a company testing an "email tracker"-Fiction!
Malicious DNS Changer Trojan May Block Your Internet Access-Truth!
Free Cracker Barrel certificates for forwarded emails-Fiction!
CONFICKER or DOWNADUP Virus and the April 1 Super Strain -Virus!
Changes at the Department of Justice Website-Truth! & Fiction!
A virus for the cell phone-Fiction!
General Mills issues apology for a CD-ROM in cereal boxes that includes the Bible-Truth!
A Notice to Appear by Email-Fiction! & Possible Virus!
Telephone Calls from Computer Virus Removal Services- Scam!
Christmas Tree App on Facebook Virus Warning-Fiction!
Your Craigslist Account has been Blocked!- Phishing Scam!
Crypto Locker Virus Warning-Truth!
Hidden code in Microsoft Windows says Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ-Fiction!
Actor Charlie Sheen Found Dead at Home Video Could Infect Your Computer With a Virus- Scam!
Candy Swipe vs. Candy Crush- Truth!
A warning  from Glenn Beck about the privacy statement on the website-Truth!  But the privacy policy was changed!
CNN Alert Announcing That Mitt Romney is Almost President-Virus!
Gang-Style Photo of Michael Brown-Fiction!
Forward an email about a middle-aged Barbie doll and see a great video-Fiction!
Bitstrips App a Secret Spyware for NSA-Fiction! & Satire!
Ask for an American when calling for technical support!-Grass Roots Movement!
A Complaint Has Been Filed Against You With The Better Business Bureau-Fiction! & Scam!
"The Beast," a supercomputer in Belgium with every person on earth in it-Fiction!
Muslim Owner of Texaco In Bogalusa, LA Refuses to Serve Member of Military-Fiction!
Amy Bruce, a sick little girl, will get help from forwarded emails-Fiction!
Amazon.Com Has Successfully Canceled Your Order- Phishing!
AOL Is Splitting from the Internet and setting up its own technology-Fiction!
Applebees restaurants gift certificates for forwarding an email for them-Fiction!
Apple iOS 7 Will Make Your iPhone Waterproof-Fiction!
"A Card for You", "Virtual Card For You", or "Postcard" Virus Warning or hoax-Fiction! & Truth!
Amanda Todd's YouTube Video on Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self Harm-Truth!
American Airlines Sent You a Flight Confirmation and Ticket - Phishing! & Possible Virus!
Trojan Virus Has Infected Over Half a Million Macintosh Computers-Truth!
Six-year-old Amanda Bundy needs prayer for a massive tumor-Previously Truth! Now Resolved!
AOL Instant Messaging will disappear if you don't forward emails about it-Fiction!
AOL Instant Messenger security hole-Truth! but Resolved!
AOL commercial email tax?-Truth!
AOL Virus-Forward an email to protect yourself from it-Fiction!
AOL and Intel-get cash for forwarding an email about a merger-Fiction! using the site for identity theft-Fiction!



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