Retired Marine Forced to Remove USMC Stickers from Car - Truth! & Resolved!
Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers Used Illegal Battery-Powered Gloves-Fiction!
Illegal Immigrants Cost U.S. Taxpayers 8.3 Billion a Year-Fiction!
Starbucks and Monsanto Sue Vermont-Fiction!
Beanie Babies Filled With Spider Eggs-Fiction!
Ancient Army Found at the Bottom of the Red Sea-Fiction!
Cannibal on Death Row Requests Boy for Last Meal - Fiction!
Former Marine Arrested in Crack Down on Anti-Government Commenters -Truth! & Fiction!
Hunting to be Restricted by New Age Limits, Education Requirements- Fiction!
Weather Channel Co-Founder John Coleman Calls Global Warming a Hoax-Truth!
Compressed Air Car Coming to Market - Truth! & Fiction!
ESPN Failed to Show Veterans Salute at Lambeau Field-Truth! & Misleading!
Chicago Woman Buried Alive-Fiction!
Susan G. Komen CEO’s Got a 64 Percent Raise – Previously Truth! Now Resolved! 
Swastika Rings Were Posted on Sears, Amazon Websites - Previously Truth!  Now Resolved!
Fatal Roller Coaster Crash at Universal Studios-Fiction!
Flashlight Apps Spy on Users – Investigation Pending!
Bendy iPhone 6 Plus-Truth!
Halloween is National Kill a Pit Bull Day – Fiction!
Robert Mugabe Plans for Holocaust to Kill White People – Satire!
iPhone 6 Ebola Scare
Record-shattering Snowfall on the Way-Fiction!
U.S. Government Developing Insect Spy Drones-Truth!
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Toxic-Fiction!
McDonald's Busted for Human Meat Fillers-Fiction!
Rush Limbaugh Goes Obscene Over Jameis Winston-Fiction!
Birthday Cards for Danny Nickerson-Truth!
NBC Got Rid of Leno Because of Obama Jokes-Fiction!
Mother of Officer Killed by Illegal Immigrant Wrote President Obama-Truth!
Netanyahu Statement to Hamas-Fiction!
Chase Bank Employee LBGT Loyalty Survey-Fiction!
Costco Pulled America Book by Dinesh D’Souza-Truth! But Now Resolved!
Sensible Gun Control-Fiction!
Harley-Davidson Dealer's Special Thanks to Military Members-Truth!
A Country Of Idiots by Jeff Foxworthy-Fiction!
Unsold New Cars Are Piling Up-Fiction!
3-Year-Old Dog Bite Victim Asked to Leave by a Mississippi KFC Restaurant-Disputed!
Common Core and the Instructions on the Use of Sex Toys-Fiction!
NBA, NFL, or Congress: Guess What Organization Has Most Convictions?- Truth! & Misleading!
Vote "No" on Proposition 25 in the California November 2014 Ballot-Fiction!
ISIS Symbol on Back of person in Houston Deli-Pending Investigation!
Girl Throwing Puppies in River on Video-Truth!
Muslim Shirt Depicting Twin Towers in Flames–Unproven!
Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd Said "No" to Sharia-Fiction!
FDA Finds Thousands of Coors Light Beer Cans Laced with Cocaine-Fiction!
Old Black Vet Speaks Out-Unproven!
Antonio West Santiago’s Murder-Truth!
Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier-Fiction!
Mourning Dog Stays by Master's Grave-Truth!
The Cliff Diver and Great White Shark-Fiction!
17 Fake Cell Phone Towers Detected-Truth!
Photo of Ferguson Police Office Wilson's Eye Socket Injury-Fiction!
Reggie the Black Lab's Adoption-Fiction!
An Urgent Call for Prayer from Anne Graham Lotz-Truth!
First Air Force One Plane Decaying in Arizona Field-Truth!
Arby’s Franchise Owner Wins Approval for Whites-Only Restaurant-Fiction! & Satire!
Radical Islamic Group ISIS Beheading Christian Children in Iraq-Truth!
Gang-Style Photo of Michael Brown-Fiction!
ALS Association Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research-Truth!
Ford Dealer Report-Pending Investigation!
Mike Brown's Criminal Record-Unproven!
Photo of Michael Brown Involved in Strong-Arm Robbery-Truth!
Navy Directive Bans Bibles from Hotel Rooms on Bases-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Kennedy Center to Get Name Change-Truth! But not the one you think!
Obama Outlaws Russian AK-47 Rifles-Truth!
Instant Noodles Use Wax that Causes Cancer-Fiction!
The Hamas Underground Terror Network in Gaza-Truth!
"Joys of Muslim Women" by Nonie Darwish- Incorrectly Attributed!
Japan's Treatment of Muslims-Fiction!
Muslim Disrupts Concert in Netherlands-Truth! & Fiction!
Microwaved Water Kills Plants-Fiction!
FDR Rode Al Capone's Car to Deliver Pearl Harbor Speech-Fiction! & Disputed!
Ice in Dog Dish Warning-Fiction!
Hobby Lobby is Suing the U.S. Government Over Obamacare-Truth!
Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bisexual-Fiction!
Red Bull Increases Heart Attacks & Strokes-Fiction!
The Democratic Party Has Become the Lawyer's Party- Commentary!
CNN Top 10 Stories -Virus!
Questionable Images of President Obama-Digital Manipulations!
Pictures of Hurricane Katrina-Fiction!
Barnes & Noble Store Put a Monkey Book in an Obama Window Display-Fiction!
California Elects Obnoxious Women-Confirmed Authorship! 
The Story of the Motorcycle Owner and the Exploding Toilet-Fiction!
Come to the Tax Day Tea Party Rally and Mail a Teabag to the Whitehouse to Protest Wasteful Government Spending -  Grass Roots Movement!
Your Windows Live! Account Will Be Deactivated Unless You Respond With Personal Information-Phishing!
Charles Stanley Speaking Out-Fiction! is a secret tool of the Democratic party to promote Barack Obama-Fiction!
Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”-Fiction! & Satire!
Why Women Should Vote and The "Iron Jawed Angels"-Truth!
Aborted Babies and Other Medical Waste Used for Fuel by Oregon-Truth!
0K Camel Statue in Pakistan-Truth!
Arizona Protest Sign Threatens Violence to Peace Officers-Disputed!
Dr. Jack Wheeler on Seal Team Rescue of Captain Phillips-Confirmed Authorship!
"America as the Last Man Standing" by Geert Wilders-Commentary!
Tape Sculptures-Truth!
Shakespeare or Julius Caesar quote about war-Fiction!
Notice From FedEx of an Undelivered Package-Fiction! & Possible Virus!
Salvation Army Instructed Bell Ringers Not to Say "Merry Christmas"- Fiction!
Palestinian Burn Patient Turned Suicide Bomber-Truth!
Cell phones in Texas illegal in cars as of 9/1/03-Fiction!
Two New Jersey Coptic Christians Beheaded -Truth!
Wal-Mart employees have to buy American flags on their own-Fiction!
The bizarre death of Ronald Opus-Fiction!
Facebook to Charge Members Monthly Fees-Fiction!
Photos of President Obama With His Feet on the Resolute Desk-Truth!
How Bikers Handle PETA Protesters-Fiction!
The hardship of the signers of The Declaration Of Independence-Truth! and Fiction!
Violation of Policy Resulted in Account Suspension of Reporter Who Tweeted Criticisms About NBC Olympics Coverage-Truth!
The National Anthem isn’t a Pop Song-Opinion!
Teenage Girl Created a YouTube Video to Honor Our Troops-Truth!
New Nail Gun by DeWalt Drives Nails from 200 Yards-Fiction!
Pravda Opinion "American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper"- Confirmed Authorship! But Inaccurate Details!
The Brutal Murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian-Truth!
Picture of Hurricane Isabel taken at Sea-Fiction!
VA Destroyed Records to Reduce Backlog- Disputed!
Plea for Help From a Friend Abroad Who Lost A Wallet- Fiction! & Scam!
A tax refund on 2006 forms for excise tax on long-distance phone calls-Truth!
Emails From The Internal Revenue Service Telling You to Update Your Information-Fiction! & Scam!
Giant Squid Washes up on Santa Monica Beach-Fiction!
Invitations to Join the Social Network LinkedIn- Virus!
The "crabby old man" who died with an inspirational poem in his pocket-Fiction!
The Connections Between the Occupy Wall Street Protest, Brookfield Properties' Zucotti Park and Vice President Joe Biden - Truth! & Fiction!
PayPal has Limited Your Account Until They Hear From You- Fiction! & Scam!
Train in Brussels is World's Longest Chocolate Structure-Truth!
TV Interview with an Illegal Alien?-Fiction!
Pictures from raid of drug dealer's house in Mexico-Truth!
Photos of Mass Weddings in Gaza Showing Hamas Playing Host to Pedophilia-Fiction!
Photo of New York Police Officer Giving Boots to a Homeless Man-Truth!
Use Wasp Spray to Stop an Assailant as a Criminal Deterrent-Disputed!
Man Owned and Drove the Same Car Since 1928-Truth! Some Details Inaccurate!
Beautiful picture of wildflowers---but where?-Truth! & Fiction!
Football Coach Fired Over Obama Song-Truth!
Science Whiz from India-Fiction!
Texas Bans Licenese Plate Holders
Be Cautious Giving Information To Census Takers-Truth!
The meanings of the symbols on the dollar bill-Truth!
Lebanese Woman Speaks Out Against Terrorism and Defends Israel At Duke University-Truth!
Obscene Salaries of Welfare Recipients- Reported to be Truth!
Obama White House Intentionally Omits American Flags from Press Conferences-Fiction!
An Illegal Drug Called "Krokodil" That Eats Flesh-Truth!
Yellowstone "super volcano"-Disputed!
Talking Angela iPhone App Warning- Fiction!
San Antonio Theatre Shooter Stopped by Off Duty Sheriff Deputy-Truth!
Letter to Editor Titled "More Modern Way of Living"-Opinion or Satire?
Presidential Visit to Golf Course Rudely Delayed Other Players-Unproven!
Use Eggs To Treat Burns-Fiction!
Apartment Building In Shanghai Topples Over-Truth!
Free Directory Assistance?-Truth!
Put an "ICE" entry in your cell phone for emergencies-Truth!
Home Fires Sparked By 9 Volt Batteries in Junk Drawer-Truth!
Volkswagen has been working on a car that gets 258 miles to the gallon-Truth! & Fiction!
Royal Couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Snub Obama With No Wedding Invitation-Fiction!
Nazi Eyewitness Warns America Not to Let Freedom Slip Away -Commentary!
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Interviewed Pope-Unproven!
Why I Do Not Like The Obamas, an Opinion by Mychal Massie-Confirmed Authorship
An Emailed Traffic Ticket From New York State Police- Fiction! & Possible Virus!
18th Century quote about democracy-Fiction!
Tips on pumping gas from a pipeline employee-Fiction!
RFID Implanted in Wyoming Students-Fiction!
Treating Burns With Flour Has Miraculous Results- Fiction!
Urinals in Amsterdam with flies etched in the bowls-Truth!
Your Latest Sprint Bill is Available Online-Fiction! & Phishing! & Virus!
Netflix Customers May be Eligible to Receive a Cash Payment or Gift Card from a Settlement Involving Netflix and Wal-Mart-Truth!
The Deadly Janitor
List of Facts and Figures about Illegal Immigration-Mostly Fiction!
Wal-Mart is giving 5% of all online sales to homosexuals-Fiction!
Target Stores Won't Fund Veterans Projects-Fiction!
What did Megachurch pastor Rick Warren Really Say about Gays and Gay Marriage?
Don't Eat Tilapia Because it Comes From China-Disputed!
What I am, an ad in the Washington Post written by a passionate Republican-Truth!
Teddy Stoddard
Media Missed Sniper Attack on California Power Plant-Truth!
Comedian Red Skelton Explains the Pledge of Allegiance-Truth!
A virus for the cell phone-Fiction!
Starbucks CEO Told Christian Shareholders To Buy Stocks Elsewhere- Fiction!
The School Teacher Who Thought it was World War Eleven-Unproven!
George Washington Statue Covered to Prevent Martin Luther King Celebrants From Being Offended-Fiction!
Distribute Money for the U.N.
A Warning that Pyrex Glass Cookware Can Explode- Mostly Fiction!
Email Alleged to be from Microsoft That Offers Software Update"-VIRUS!
Florida is Requiring Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
New Law Allows Dallas Police To Tow and Impound Uninsured Cars-Truth!
Judge Rules TSA Screenings for Muslims Unconstitutional-Fiction!
FEMA Corps Team Members Are the Modern Day Hitler Youth-Fiction!
A List of America's Worst Charities-Reported to be True!
Gatlinburg, Tennessee Overrun by Immigrants-Fiction!
PayPal Customer Review Team Warning of Unusual Charges-Fiction! & Phishing!
Veteran Complained to Lowe's After Discovering That They Were Selling American Flag Doormats-Truth! but Inaccurate Details!
An Account Of A Ceremony That Takes Place Every Friday At The Pentagon-Truth!
Pennies to help remedy bee stings?-Unproven!
Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi-Fiction! & Satire!
Inventor "burns" salt water with radio waves?-Truth!
Free towing through Texas roadside emergency number-Fiction!
Video Exposes Tacoma Housing Project For Illegal Aliens and Refugees- Fiction!
Christmas Wreaths At Arlington Cemetery-Truth!
General Electric is Moving X-Ray Division to China-Truth!
Photo of Kenyan Border Sign Boasts The Birthplace of President Obama- Fiction!
Salvation Army President is paid only ,000 per year-Fiction!
Boycott Petro Express because it's owned by Hugo Chavez-Fiction!
A Gay Wedding on a Rose Parade Float-Truth!
The World's Most Expensive Coffee is From Beans Cycled Through an Indonesian  Monkey's Digestive System-Truth!
Founder of Oracle speaks to students-Fiction!
Doe Run Smelter to Shut Down Operations-Truth!
Amazing Typewriter Art-Truth!
Photo of Trayvon Martin- Fiction!
People Getting Cash Back by Using Food Stamp/EBT Cards With Minimum Purchase at Gainesville Publix Store- Fiction!
Remarkable picture of an iceberg-Fiction!
The First 3 Digits On Barcode Labels Represents The Country-Fiction!
Large Oil Deposits Found In Montana-Truth!
Corpus Christi Movie Featured a Gay Jesus-Fiction!
Chairman of Progressive Insurance Peter Lewis Donated Millions to Left Wing Organizations-Truth!
Abortion survivor's surprise appearance in the Colorado Legislature-Truth!
Class Action about Music Recordings
George Soros' Evil Plan of Buying Up American Gun and Ammunitions Companies- Fiction!
Ben Bernanke Told Everyone At a Neighborhood Bar How Screwed The Economy Really Is-Fiction!
It Is Raining Spiders in Brazil-Fiction!
ABC News Bans Flag Lapel Pins
George Carlin's The Paradox of Our Time-Fiction!
Amanda Todd's YouTube Video on Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self Harm-Truth!
Australian Government Official Says Muslims Who Want to Live by Sharia Law Not Welcome There.-Truth!
Fox Business Channel Warning about E15 Gasoline-Confirmed Authorship!
The amazing maize maze-Truth!
11-year-old with shotgun stops invaders-Fiction!
Incrediblel catch by a ball girl!-Fiction!
112 and Various tips on the use of cell phones-Fiction!
Potholes used to slow down speeders in Canada-Fiction!
Angolan Witch Spider- Fiction!
Write In Bill Cosby For President-Fiction!
Beaver Butts Emit Goo for Vanilla Flavoring-Truth!
Moe Berg, Baseball Catcher and Spy-Truth!
A Notice to Appear by Email-Fiction! & Possible Virus!
Bitstrips App a Secret Spyware for NSA-Fiction! & Satire!
Cancer Warning about Baby Cut Carrots- Truth! and Fiction!
Bill Cosby's Commentary Says That He is 76 and Tired- Incorrect Author!
Ann Barnhardt's Response to a Death Threat-Truth!
A Complaint Has Been Filed Against You With The Better Business Bureau-Fiction! & Scam!
Halal Meat at Costco-Unproven!
Mother of Eight on Welfare Said She was the Family Breadwinner-Confirmed Authorship!
Muslim Owner of Texaco In Bogalusa, LA Refuses to Serve Member of Military-Fiction!
Letter to Coke over America the Beautiful-Unproven!
President's Brother-In-Law's Job Saved By Economic Stimulus Check-Fiction!
Girl Scout Cookies Fund Planned Parenthood-Fiction!
A warning about emails that contain photos and songs by Michael Jackson could actually be malicious infections -VIRUS!
Young Thief in Iran Punished by Running a Truck Over His Arm-Fiction!
The red-faced TV news anchor-Unproven!
The Symmetry of the Date Feb 20, 2002-Fiction!
Stretching TV standards-Truth!
The day after Thanksgiving the busiest for shoppers?-Fiction!
Sharon Jasper, the welfare recipient with a big screen TV-Truth! & Unproven!
Glass bottom sky walk at the Grand Canyon-Truth!
Sprint phone bills will list all calls to Israel as being calls to Palestine-Fiction!
Police Officer in Prison Because Her Police Dog Bit a Robbery Suspect-Truth!
Serbian troops have been sent as peace-keepers to the U.S.-Fiction!
Sony CD
Robin Williams' peace plan-Fiction!
Patriotic Poem Written by Judge Roy Moore-Truth!
Fishing with Hand Grenades Goes Wrong-Truth!
The width of railroad tracks is based on history that extends back to Roman chariots-Fiction!
Pictures of huge dust storm in Iraq-Truth!
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" Was Written To Comfort a Grieving Daughter -Fiction!
Quote from Theodore Roosevelt on immigration-Truth!
Andy Rooney write about Older Women-Fiction!
The history of the middle finger-Fiction!
Petition for a girl who says her father was shot and killed because of racism-Fiction!
Beheadings of deputies in San Diego County?-Fiction!
Customer finds a penis inside the bottle of a fruit drink-Fiction!
"Prophet Yahweh" the Las Vegas Man Who Says He Can Call UFOs Into Sight on Command-Under Investigation!
Old Pictures From a Brownie Camera of the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941-Fiction!
Oprah Winfrey and A Course in Miracles-Truth!
Only In America-crazy court awards-Fiction!
Last words of drivers in fatal auto crashes-Fiction!
Moslem protestors carrying English signs insulting to them, not Americans-Fiction!
A police boycott over a murderer?-Truth!
U.S. flag flying upside down and below Mexican flag-Truth!
Nordstrom is offering Eyes Lips Face makeup product for as low as each- Fiction! 
White Star on Montblanc pens was designed for Hitler by a Jew-Fiction!
Letter from heaven?-Fiction!
Pictures of Mugabe's Mansion?-Unproven!
McDonalds a part of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce-Truth!
Lucy...the body in the coffee table-Fiction!
Microsoft Patent That Requires Paying Attention to Computer Ads
Poet Maya Angelou highlights corporate racism-Fiction!
The man in the coffee beans brain test-Unproven!
The Marriott Hotel chain is classifying portions of Jerusalem as "Occupied Palestinian Area"-Fiction!
Sculptures of babies made of marzipan?-Fiction!
Forward an email about a mysterious story and you'll receive the end of the story-Fiction!
Country Living-Ebony Poll-Fiction!
Photos of a Bullfighter Who Got Gored Through the Throat by a Bull-Truth!
Mars is Going to Be the Closest to Earth Then Ever Before in Recorded History-Fiction!
Bits of Wisdom From Abraham Lincoln-Fiction!
Unlocking car doors from phone to phone?-Fiction!
Church Building made of Legos-Truth!
Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Kills Himself and Leaves Suicide Note About World Hunger-Truth! & Fiction!
Lisa, the rejected young woman who killed herself-Fiction!
The origins of "Kilroy Was Here"-Unproven!
Jill Carroll will now be used by political Liberals to advance their cause against the war in Iraq-Fiction!
The story of Jacqueline Saburido Who was Disfigured in an Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver-Truth!
Thomas Jefferson quote about banking-Truth!
Two British Boys who Killed a Three-year-old Are Being Released and Given New Identities-Truth!
Emergency Room Doctor Writes About the Health Care Crisis- Commentary!
The Judge and the Shoe Bomber-Truth!
New High School Principal's Opening Day Speech-Fiction!
Responder's First Hand Report from Haiti-Unproven!
Obama Administration Orders U.S. Relief Forces In Haiti Not To Fly Flag-Truth!
Hershey moving to Mexico?-Truth!
The Account of Former Navy Seal Christopher Hebon-Truth!
The University of Kentucky has removed Holocaust studies-Fiction!
UK has removed The Holocaust from School Curricula?-Fiction!
The film "The Golden Compass" is a controversy among Christians-Truth!
Amazing Video of a Flying Lawnmower-Truth!
Forward a friendship email to friends and see a video on your screen-Fiction!
Waves Frozen in Place-Fiction!
The website That Builds Your Vocabulary and Donates Rice To the Poor-Truth!
Daredevil photographer at the Grand Canyon-Truth!
Forest Fire picture-Truth!
Ginger Rogers' Amazing Salsa Performance at Age 92-Fiction!
Planned Parenthood Brochures Distributed to Girl Scouts at United Nations- Fiction!
"God Bless America" Royalties Donated to Scouting Organizations-Truth!  But Inaccurate Details!
Oral sex reduces the risk of breast cancer-Fiction!
The body of a SCUBA diver found in a California forest fire-Fiction!
The human finger in the fast-food chili-Truth! But it was a scam!
Health Care Bill Establishes Dhimmitude, Which Exempts Moslem Participation by Granting Them Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!
Ten-Year-Old Ten-Year-Old Boy Drowns Several Hours After Swimming-Truth!
Human dung used to generate power at a South African School-Probably Truth!
Doctors More Dangerous Than Gun Owners-Humorous Fiction!
Photo of a High Speed Boat Used to Smuggle Drugs-Truth!
Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Was An Advisor In Obama's Homeland Security Team-Fiction!
Fifty Percent of American Marriages End in Divorce-Fiction!
Website That Offers a Search of U.S. Driver's Licenses-Fiction!
Warnings About A Chemical That Is Found In Just About Everything We Consume- Humorous Social Experiment!
Charles Darwin became a Christian on his deathbed and renounced evolution-Fiction!
Child's body used for smuggling drugs into the U.S.-Fiction!
The Kidnap Warning in Deerfield Township in Ohio
CONFICKER or DOWNADUP Virus and the April 1 Super Strain -Virus!
Man who died at his desk at work, but wasn't noticed-Fiction!
Adventures in cow tipping-Fiction!
Two Crane Mishaps in Trying to Recover the Same Submerged Car-Unproven! & Fiction!
Anti War Activist Cindy Sheehan did not really rear her Army Soldier son-Fiction!
California Highway Patrol Officer Cuffs Montecito Fire Battalion Chief -Truth!
Border Patrol Agents Imprisoned-Drug Smuggler Set Free-Disputed!
Bank of American offering credit cards to Illegal aliens-Truth!
Susan Boyle surprised Simon Cowell on British TV and becomes an overnight sensation-Truth!
Neil Boortz Graduation Speech-Truth! & Fiction!
The Person on the Bridge
World's largest boat bridge in Germany-Truth!
The City Councilman's Graphic Comment that Got Him Thown Out of a Radio Studio-Fiction!
New Postage Stamp Honors Unsung Rescuer of Jews from the Nazis-Truth!
Picture of Palestinian baby dressed as a suicide bomber-Truth!
Ethical questions about abortion and the character of politicians-Truth and Fiction!
Best Buy Advertisement with a Muslim Holiday Greeting -Truth!
Forty Two Midgets Mutilated by a Lion in Cambodia Contest-Fiction!
Satellite photo of the North American blackout-Fiction!
Ken Blackwell commentary about Barack Obama-Truth!
Archeologists Discover The Ancient Bones Of Biblical Giants-Fiction!
Billy Evans, the boy who needs a body transplant-Fiction!
Ben Stein Commentary on Christmas
Ask for an American when calling for technical support!-Grass Roots Movement!
Barnfull of vintage cars-Real Pictures but Fictional story!
The Many Benefits of Bananas-Unproven!
Visit a web address and see your baby pictures or an instant snapshot online-Fiction!
Lantern Battery has AA cells?-Fiction!
Photos of Trash in the Arizona Desert Left Behind by Illegal Immigrants-Truth!
"Why Believe in a god?" Campaign-Truth!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio wrote a letter of invitation to civil rights leader Al Sharpton-Truth!
Music from Tractor Parts-Fiction!
Andy Rooney's view of the world-Fiction!
Arizona Billboard Directs Illegal Immigrants To California-Fiction!