Birthday Cards for Danny Nickerson-Truth!
Vote "No" on Proposition 25 in the California November 2014 Ballot-Fiction!
Baylor Fredrickson Needs Bone Marrow Match-Truth!
Call Governor Rick Perry's Office in Texas to Get Prayer Back in Schools-Fiction!
Help The Lopez Family-Truth!
Legislation to end visas for all Iranian students-Fiction!
Darren Bucklew has cancer. Forward an email for him for financial help-Fiction!
Collect Pop tabs from soda cans for charity-Truth! and Fiction!
Petition to encourage families affected by the terrorism-Discontinued!
Give your opinion to the Texas governor's office on a 55 mile-per-hour speed limit-Fiction!
School email projects
Help cancer victim Lanisha Jackson-Fiction!
Zimbabwe petition-Truth!
Wear Red on Fridays-Grass Roots Movement
Plea for Help From a Friend Abroad Who Lost A Wallet- Fiction! & Scam!
Pray for 5-year old Ella Newmiller who has brain cancer-Truth!
Petition for Zimbabwe women-Fiction!
Free cards to U.S. troops through Xerox?-Truth!
Senate Bill seeks to regulate "grass roots" lobbying-Truth! But Overturned!
Help find Erin from Cedar Rapids-Truth!
Boycott of Estee Lauder called by Palestinians-Truth!
Starbucks doesn't support the war in Iraq-Fiction!
Pepsi decided to remove the words "Under God" from a patriotic soft drink can-Fiction!
Artist allowed a dog to starve to death in art exhibit-Disputed!
Tamara Martin has cancer and forwarding an email will help her-Fiction!
Jerry Falwell Protested for Selling Pedophile Book -Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Forward an email for Alexandra, a burn victim in Poland-Fiction!
Help Find Ashley Flores-Fiction!
2nd Graders in Caro, MI want your help-Truth! But now ended!
Aaron Russell Steinmetz, missing in Florida-Once Truth! Now Resolved!
Pray for 15 year old Amanda-Fiction!
American missionary sentenced to death in Africa after traffic accident-Fiction!
Six-year-old Amanda Bundy needs prayer for a massive tumor-Previously Truth! Now Resolved!
Women in Afghanistan, a petition to help them-Fiction!
Appeal From Tracy Russell in Colorado to find her kids-Truth!
Help the Victims of the Tsunami
Food distributed through clicking a web site-Truth!
Help Identify a Young Girl Left Alone by the Tsunami-Truth!, but Resolved!
Slow Dance poem written by a girl with cancer-Fiction!
St. Bernards are being served as food in China-Truth!
Help find Sabrina Fair Allen-Truth!
Scottsdale Christian Academy class project email-Truth!
Donate to save Toby the rabbit-Unproven!  Probable Hoax!
Target stores have given the boot to the Salvation Army-Truth! But Updated!
Presidential Prayer Team organizing prayer for the president-Truth!
Help find Penny Brown-Fiction!
Purple ribbons to mark 9/11-Unproven!
Proposal to create a department of peace-Truth!
Emails for a cancer victim named Rachel-Fiction!
Make big bucks in a PayPal Scheme-Fiction!
Vote for the Palm Beach Zoo in Microsoft Contest!-Truth!
Paige Lane, a 5-year old who is very sick wants your greeting cards-Fiction!
An "Amber Alert" about 9-year-old Nicholas Farber, Kidnapped From California-Truth! but Resolved!
Campaign for National Firefighers Day-Truth!
Nickelodeon-program about homosexuality?-Truth?
National Public Radio in trouble and needs funding-Fiction!
Forward an email to provide medical care for Natalie-Fiction!
Microsoft and AOL Beta Test-Fiction!
Not One Damn Dime Day-Grass Roots Effort!
Free bracelets for cancer research and Merck donations-Truth!
A List of Supplies that Marines Would Appreciate in Iraq-Truth!...But Not So Fast!
Harvey Milk Day In California-Truth!
Buy M&M' fight breast cancer-Truth!
MADD-sponsored email petition for the president of the U.S.-Fiction!
The effort to get references to God taken off the "Touched By An Angel" TV Show-Fiction!
Prayer request for soldier Matt Maupin-Truth!
Pray for 4-year old Madison who is cancer-Truth!
Madalyn Murray O'Hair trying to get religious programming off radio and television-Fiction!
Forward an email about a mysterious story and you'll receive the end of the story-Fiction!
Prayer for Kati Moss in Georgia-Truth! & Unproven
Kelsey Brooke Jones, a missing little girl-Fiction!
Pray for Katie Fitch-Truth!
Krystava Patients Schmidt, a missing girl-Truth! Now Resolved!
Pink Ribbon at Yahoo-Truth! but now Over!
5-year-old Jessica Koopmans is missing in Canada-Once Truth! Now Resolved!
Forward an email for Jasmine-Fiction!
Forward an email for Justin Mallory and he'll get contributions for treating his epilepsy-Fiction!
Eighteen Year Old Jeff has cancer, forwarded emails will help pay his expenses-Fiction!
Help the Victims of Hurricane Katrina
Forward an email for medical care for Kalin-Fiction!
The story of Jacqueline Saburido Who was Disfigured in an Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver-Truth!
Jada, a newborn who is very ill and you can help by forwarding an email-Fiction!
Help Find Kathlee Hennigan
Help identify a child who surivived the tsunami-Truth, but with a Happy Ending!
Bill and Hillary pensions and house payment-Fiction!
Hotmail will shut down if you don't forward an email about it-Fiction!
Forward an email to help a badly burned 6-year old injured in a fire at Wal-Mart-Fiction!
U.S. burger chains buying foreign beef?-Truth!
Click on to help provide water for the poor-Truth!
Boycott gas stations to protest rising fuel prices?-Grass Roots Effort & Fiction!
Illinois 4th Graders want your emails-Truth!
Fifth graders in Texas want emails-Truth! But now Over!
Forward emails for the medical costs of a girl named Fatima-Fiction!
Five-year-old Faith Hoemspine has cancer and wants all the greeting cards she can get-Fiction!
Haiti Disaster Relief Information- Alert!
Help find 7-year-old Danielle van Dam from San Diego-Truth! But now over!
"Dawne" is Battling Lung Cancer And Her Brother-in-law Is Asking for Donations and Encouragement-Truth! But The Battle is Over!
Send greeting or business cards to cancer victim Craig Shergold-Fiction!
Forward an email to help Debbie Schwartz-Fiction!
Officer Danita Marsh Petition for an Extreme Make Over Home Edition-Truth! but a Grass Roots Movement!
Pray for Cindy Hogman, an adult with cancer-Truth!
Send Christmas Cards to a young cancer patient named Noah Biorkman-Truth! But Ended!
Find little Christopher John Mineo Jr-Fiction!
Click on a website to donate cans of Campbell's soup to the hungry-Truth!
Click the pink ribbon at Cigna to fight breast cancer-Was Truth!, Now Ended.
Forwarded emails will pay for the heart surgery of a boy in Buenos Aires-Fiction!
Petition in Support of The Breast Cancer Protection Act-Truth!
Help Find Branson Perry of Skidmore, Missouri-Truth!
Visit and provide mammograms for needy women-Truth!
Pray for burn victim Baby Delaney in Texas-Truth!
Tie a navy blue ribbon around your mailbox pole to honor postal workers-Grass roots effort!
Click on the Avon hugging bear and donate to breast cancer research-Fiction !
"Bear Farms" in China torturing hundreds of bears-Truth!
Bananas from Costa Rica infected with flesh eating bacteria-Fiction!
The effort by "Citizens Against Breast Feeding" to ban nursing in the U.S.-Fiction!
Amy Bruce, a sick little girl, will get help from forwarded emails-Fiction!
Savannah Foraker-forward emails to help with her medical costs-Fiction!
Asha Degree, a ten-year-old is missing from North Carolina-Truth!
Focus on Amber Alerts
Save Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman sentenced to be stoned to death-Truth!