Plea for Help From a Friend Abroad Who Lost A Wallet- Fiction! & Scam!
Forward an mail for Victoria's Secret and get a gift certificate-Fiction!
Buy a car from a millionaire's estate of 4000 cars-Unproven!
Forward an email for IBM and win a new computer-Fiction!
Forward an email to see your lover's name on the screen-Fiction!
Make big money by purchasing and distributing "reports" at home-Fiction!
Get rich from a chain letter-Fiction!
Free Ericsson laptops?-Fiction!
Forward emails for a company testing an "email tracker"-Fiction!
You can make millions by transferring some money for a foreigner-Scam!
How to beat a traffic ticket-Fiction!
The Slavery Tax Refund-Fiction!
Forward an email, see a video of Britney Spears and Terrell Davis Dancing-Fiction!
Forward an email to find out about your future love life-Fiction!
Read the email, make a wish, and it will come true-Fiction!
Flaws in new U.S. quarters could be worth big bucks-Truth!
You'll get money and Outback certificates for forwarding an email-Fiction!
Forward an email to five friends and win 0-Fiction!
Forward an email about OLD NAVY, get a gift certificate-Fiction!
Forward an email about a mysterious story and you'll receive the end of the story-Fiction!
You can buy a required "Hands-free" headset for your cell phone for -Fiction!
Special GI insurance dividend for veterans-Fiction!
Forward a friendship email to friends and see a video on your screen-Fiction!
Gerber is offering savings bonds to parents as part of a lawsuit settlement-Fiction!
GAP is rewarding you for forwarding emails for the company-Fiction!
Free salads from McDonald's-Fiction!
Disney and Microsoft will pay you for forwarding an email about them-Fiction!
You have won the Netherlands Sweepstakes Lottery-Fiction!
Coke will give you free cans of soda for forwarding an email-Fiction!
Wisdom from the Dalai Lama-Fiction!
Free Cracker Barrel certificates for forwarded emails-Fiction!
Focus on Chain Letters
Visit and provide mammograms for needy women-Truth!
Free British Airways tickets-Fiction!
Applebees restaurants gift certificates for forwarding an email for them-Fiction!
AOL and Intel-get cash for forwarding an email about a merger-Fiction!