Dollar Bills Circulating with "No God But Allah" Stamped on Their Backs-Unproven!

Summary of the eRumor:
This is a story about an unnamed woman from Monte Vista, Colorado who found a one dollar bill that had the words "No God But Allah" stamped on the back of the bill just under the words "In God We Trust."   The email includes a photo of the bill.

The Truth:  
The photo appears to be real but we have not found any evidence that bills are circulating all over the U.S. with a red stamped "No God But Allah" just below the official motto of the United States.

updated 7/22/11
A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Bet you thought you'd never see this in your lifetime
A lady in Monte Vista, CO had this dollar bill. This is her story.

You don't think we're in a war. What thoughts come to mind! These are starting to show up around our country!  After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her purse and displayed it on the table. Underneath the words "In God We Trust" someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink---NO GOD BUT ALLAH. We asked her where she had gotten this dollar bill. She said it was part of her change in Alamosa , CO .We took a picture of her dollar bill. If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as change, please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill that has not been defaced.