Inspirational story, “The Tablecloth”-Unproven!

Inspirational story, “The Tablecloth”-Unproven!

  The Church Tablecloth That Reunited A Husband and Wife Separated by War-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor: 
This deeply touching story is about a pastor who bought a beautiful used tablecloth to use as a tapestry to cover a rain-damaged wall in his church in New York.  

A woman whom the pastor gave refuge during a storm saw the tablecloth and was stunned to realize it was one she had made 35 years earlier in Austria.  That was during the war and before she had been imprisoned and separated forever form her family, including her husband.

Then on Christmas eve, an older man from the neighborhood was also stunned to see the tablecloth.  He recognized it as one made by his wife, whom he had not seen since the war and since he had been imprisoned and separated from his family.

According to the story, the pastor drove the man to where the woman who made the tablecloth lived, and husband and wife were reunited after 35 years.

The Truth:

This appears to be based on an article written by a man named Howard C.Schade for Reader’s Digest in 1954.

The original article does not mention the exact number of years that had gone by since the separation from the tablecloth had occurred,

The eRumor says the span of time was 34 years.  If the original article is true, there could not have been a 34 year interval since the original events are said to have taken place under Nazi rule, which would have probably been in the 1940’s.  The date of the article, 1954, was much less than 34 years later. 

updated 07/16/12