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NASA Confirms 15 Days of Darkness in June 2017-Fiction!

NASA Confirms 15 Days of Darkness in June 2017-Fiction! 

Summary of eRumor:

NASA has confirmed that Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness in June 2017.

The Truth:

Like previous rumors about the Earth experiencing 15 days of total darkness, there’s no scientific basis for the latest claims about 15 days of total darkness in June 2017.

Claims about the Earth experiencing 15 days of darkness have been circulating since at least November 2015 when NewsWatch33, a known fake news website, started the hoax. The rumor surfaced again in March 2017 with a report appearing at health and lifestyle site under the headline, “NASA Confirms Earth will Experience 15 Days of Darkness in March 2017,” and again in June 2017 with yet another hoax article appearing at NewsWatch33.

These report cites sources as NASA as saying that the blackout has been “in the pipeline for a long period” and that astronomers have confirmed that Earth will experience a “strange event” at 3 am on June 15 that will cause total darkness until June 30 at 4:45 pm (the dates change depending on the rumor):

The officials believe this blackout is the result of an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden, head of NASA issued a 1000 page document which explains the event in detail to the White House.

The reports claim that Venus and Jupiter will be very closely engaged and they will be separated by a mere 1 degree. Venus will surpass to the south-west of Jupiter which results in Venus shining 10 times brighter than Jupiter and this light will heat up the gases in Jupiter causing a reaction. The resulting gas reaction will release a never before seen amount of hydrogen into the space which will make contact with sun at around 2:50 am.

The first clue that this story is a hoax is that it appears at websites that don’t have a history of scientific astronomical expertise, and have been known purveys of hoax articles. The second clue that this is a hoax is that it credits former NASA Administrator Charles Bolton — who had previously resigned from his post — as the NASA official who hand delivered a 1,000 page report on the 15 days of total darkness to the White House.

Another red flag is that claims that Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness seem to surface at least once a year, and they’ve never proven true before. In addition to the 2015 claim, we also investigated a 2014 claim that Earth would experience six days of darkness in 2014. Claims that Earth will experience 15 days of darkness in March 2017 and June 2017 appear to be the latest twist on an old hoax.

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