March 2019


Monster Supercell in Burwell, Nebraska

On March 18 2019, a Facebook user shared the image below (archived here) with the caption “monster supercell, burwell, nebraska”: Several commenters expressed their concerns for the original poster’s safety, while others pointed out that they had seen the image before. A reverse image search returned matches as far back as July 2014, and the …

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Asylum-Seekers Held Under a Bridge in El Paso

On March 28 2019, a Twitter user shared the following tweet, purportedly showing a large number of people being detained under an overpass in El Paso, Texas: The images appeared to be authentic and undoctored, but they were not accompanied by a source for their description. We were able to track the photographs to Washington Post reporter …

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Pitcher Plant or ‘Penis Flytrap’

In March 2019, the following image was shared by Thailand Secrets (archived here), Pictures in History (original, archived here), “Historical Pictures” (archived here), Reddit r/mildlypenis, and Reddit r/misleadingthumbnails: Although copious versions of this photograph existed in reverse image search results, they typically and suspiciously were all dated March 2019. Google search results for “penis flytrap” restricted …

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Do 21 Fathers Die of Suicide Each Week Because of Child Custody Disputes?

In March 2019, a photo-based Facebook image post (archived here) contained the claim that 21 fathers died by suicide every week specifically because of “child access issues”: The post included a status update comment and a message on a sign which read, respectively: To all you women who play god with your kids just to …

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‘Company Policies’ Poster

In March 2019, a poster of “Company Policies” spread on Facebook (archived here) and other sites, purportedly illustrating draconian — yet believable — rules for employees at an unidentified company: Many versions of the image appeared to come from Snapchat, with a circled portion around “sick days” and a comment: “This part tho .. wth.” The …

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