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Far Right News Organizations Issue Statements, Admit ‘No Evidence’ Exists to Support Wall-to-Wall Coverage of Election Fraud

More than six weeks after the 2020 election, fringe news organizations are being legally compelled to air statements about their extensive and baseless “coverage” of purported election fraud.

Does Benford’s Law Prove Election Fraud in Biden Votes?

After “watermarked ballots” (and many other rumors) failed to materialize, conspiracy theorists pivoted to claims that something known as “Benford’s Law” proved that votes for Joe Biden were inauthentic.

Jan. 6 Hearings: Disinformation Powered Trump’s Push to Overturn Election

The June 21 2022 hearings focused on a pressure and disinformation campaign that was used to attack state officials and election workers.

Third January 6 Hearings Looks at Pressure, Disinformation Campaigns to Overturn Election

The June 16 2022 hearing covered Donald Trump’s attempts to strongarm former vice president Mike Pence to call the election in his favor.