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Fifth January 6 Hearing Shows Scope of Attempts to Undermine Democracy

Weaponized disinformation and propaganda narratives were used to attempt to degrade the American public’s faith in democracy in tandem with a private pressure campaign.

Third January 6 Hearings Looks at Pressure, Disinformation Campaigns to Overturn Election

The June 16 2022 hearing covered Donald Trump’s attempts to strongarm former vice president Mike Pence to call the election in his favor.

Disinformation Takes Center Stage at January 6 Committee Hearings

The second set of House hearings focused on the role of false narratives in motivating the United States Capitol insurrection in January 2021.

‘If the Minimum Wage Increased at the Rate of Productivity Since 1960, It’d Be $24 Today—Not $7.25’

A Twitter screenshot on Imgur claimed that had the minimum wage been indexed to productivity after 1960, it would be $24 (not $7.25) in 2021.