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Were ‘Muslim Jihadis in Paris’ Arrested for Planning an Attack Three Days Before the Notre Dame Fire?

Soon after the April 15 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral fire broke out, Twitter user @FaithGoldy tweeted that the blaze occurred shortly after the arrest of “three Muslim jihadis” in Paris (archived here): A screenshot of the tweet was subsequently shared by the Facebook page “Freedom From Tyranny” (archived here.) The original tweet linked to an […]

Did a Muslim Principal Ban Crucifixes in a Virginia School?

On January 30 2019, Facebook page “The Blacksphere” shared the following meme, purportedly depicting a Virginia principal named Mamasai Mamakusa: The meme was likely outrage-bait which implied that the nonexistent principal’s hijab constituted a form of religious expression, one she supposedly deemed acceptable for herself but not Christian students. Text added to what appeared to […]

Are Deaths Listed in a ‘2018 Muslim Threat’ Tweet Accurate?

On January 1, 2019, civil rights lawyer and podcast host Qasim Rashid, Esq. tweeted a purported breakdown of the so-called “Muslim threat” relative to other risks to Americans in 2018: 2018 Recap of the “Muslim threat” Americans killed by: •Americans w/guns: 40,000 •Falling out of bed: 700 •Hit by bus: 260 •Lawnmowers: 70 •Lightning: 30 […]