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Did Ronald Reagan Lower the Top Tax Rate from 70 to 28 Percent and Introduce Income Tax on Social Security Benefits to Offset It?

A popular tweet claimed that the former president lowered the top tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent, balancing it with a novel income tax on Social Security Benefits.

Turning Point USA’s ‘Truth About Social Security’ Meme

On May 1 2019, the Facebook page for youth conservative outreach organization Turning Point USA shared a meme (archived here) purporting to detail “the truth” about several changes made to Social Security over the years: An appended status update read “Unbelievable… #BigGovSucks,” and the meme claimed: THE TRUTH ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY LIBERALS MOVED SOCIAL […]

The ‘All Democrats Voted Against a Social Security Raise’ Meme

Weeks before the 2018 United States’ midterm elections, propaganda from across the political spectrum flew thick and fast. Some of it contained grains of truth, while other stories were completely made up, such as a particularly lazy cut-and-paste meme that appeared in mid-October: The meme asks rhetorically, without citation or supporting evidence: Were any of you aware […]