Green Moon Can Be Seen in April 2018-Fiction!


Green Moon Can Be Seen in April 2017-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Sky-gazers will be able to see a Green Moon in the night sky on April 20, 2018, an astronomical event that occurs once every 420 years.
The Truth:
An old (false) rumor about a rare opportunity to spot a green moon in the might sky resurfaced in April 2017 and April 2018 with a few new twists.
We first investigated reports of that green moon could be seen for the first time in over a century in May 2016 and found it to be “fictional” for a number of reasons.
First, there are plenty of credible websites that list all astronomical events and a green moon doesn’t appear on any of them., Sea and Sky and Universe Today are just a few sites with listings, and the so-called green moon is nowhere to be found.
Second, the photo of the green moon used in the meme was taken from a flickr account. The user had photoshopped a photo of the moon taken on August 3, 2009, and posted a joking comment, “Who said the moon isn’t made of green cheese.”
A new version of the green moon hoax that resurfaced in 2017 and 2018 claimed that that the rare astronomical event could be viewed on April 20. Using the same photoshopped image of the green moon from the previous version, this one claims that it’s the first time a green moon could be spotted in 420 years:

An old rumor about a rare opportunity to spot a green moon resurfaced in April 2917 with a new twist.

The newer version appears to be a not-so-subtle reference to smoking marijuana. The term “four-twenty” has been used as code for “marijuana” for years. The date of the supposed green moon — 4/20 — and the amount of time that has passed since the last sighting — 420 years — seem to indicate that this is a reference to “cannabis culture.” Don’t expect to see a green moon in the sky on April 20, 2017.