The "Beaver Dam" correspondence between the state of Michigan and a land owner-Truth!

The “Beaver Dam” Correspondence Between the State of Michigan and a Land OwnerTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

The message consists of two letters.  The first is from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to a Mr. Ryan DeVries.  The letter says there are two dams on his property for which there does not seem to be any permit.  The landowner is told to remove the dams and to restore the stream to its free-flowing condition.

The Truth:

Both letters are authentic although slightly different than their originals. Stephen Tvedten says the beavers that built the dams on his property were killed by his neighbor who was then concerned about what would happen to the abandoned dams.  The neighbor lived downstream where any debris from the dams would go if they disintegrated. 

Tvedten says his neighbor told the state authorities that he had seen Tvedten tending to the dams and reported him.  A spokesperson for the state, however, says there was evidence that the dams had human intervention, namely the installation of some 2 x 4’s. 

According to state law, beaver dams cannot be built or maintained except by beavers. On Tvedten’s website, he has a copy of an email sent by the Michigan office to someone inquiring about the beaver dam letter and that says Tvedten had been seen maintaining the dams. 

Tvedten’s response was that they were “dam” liars. 

CLICK HERE to see the original letters.

updated 01/16/14