Senator Tom Daschle saluting the flag with his left hand-Fiction!

Picture of “Leftist” Senator Tom Daschle Saluting the Flag with his Left Hand-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A news photo of a group of Senators with their right hands over their hearts during a salute of the flag or saying the Pledge of Allegiance, but Senator Tom Daschle is using his left hand.
The Truth:
This is a manipulated photo and the story is false.  There are several evidences in the picture that it is fake.
1. Senator Daschle is married to Washington D.C. lobbyist Linda Daschle and prominently wears a wedding ring on his left hand.  That’s not visible in the picture because it’s not really his left hand that he’s saluting with.
2.  Senator Dashle has a slight part in his hair on the left side, which is not the side facing the camera, so the picture was taken when the right side of his face was in view, not the left.
3.  Men’s suit coats have the buttons on the right and the button holes on the left.  Senator Dashle’s button holes are on his right, the wrong side.