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‘Casual Reminder That in 1861, 11 Senators and 3 Representatives Were Expelled from Congress for Failing to Recognize Lincoln’s Election and Supporting Insurrection’

A screenshot of a tweet claiming eleven senators and three Congressmen were expelled in 1861 for “failing to recognize” the election of Abraham Lincoln and “supporting insurrection” went viral on Imgur and Reddit in February 2021.

Is EO 13848 Trump’s ‘Ace in the Hole’ for Election Challenges?

Yet another piece of election-related disinformation is circulating, this one centered on Executive Order 13848 — specifically, claims that it would keep Donald Trump in the White House despite his decisive loss to Joe Biden.

Former Houston Police Captain Arrested, Allegedly Paid $266,400 by ‘Liberty Center for God and Country’ to ‘Investigate Electoral Fraud’

As 2020 election conspiracy theories drifted still further from consensus reality, Mark Aguirre was arrested for allegedly holding a repairman at gunpoint to “prove” electoral fraud.

Twitter Amends Flag from ‘Official Sources Called This Election Differently’ to ‘Multiple Sources Called This Election Differently’

The social media platform appears to be labeling attempts at election interference with an even weaker disclaimer than before.

Was Dallas Jones, a ‘Biden Campaign Director,’ Arrested For ‘Electoral Fraud’?

A claim about the purported arrest of a man named Dallas Jones in Texas relies on a photograph that actually shows actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.