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‘If the Minimum Wage Increased at the Rate of Productivity Since 1960, It’d Be $24 Today—Not $7.25’

A Twitter screenshot on Imgur claimed that had the minimum wage been indexed to productivity after 1960, it would be $24 (not $7.25) in 2021.

Would $50,000 of Student Debt Forgiveness Be a ‘Massive Tax Increase’ for Americans?

Sen. Chuck Schumer called on President-Elect Joe Biden to cancel student debt in January 2021, prompting claims that the plan represented “a massive tax increase” for Americans.

‘Mitt Romney Asked To Lead Health And Human Services In Biden Administration: Report’

The Daily Wire published, then deleted an article claiming Mitt Romney was asked to lead Health and Human Services for the Biden administration, a claim originating with a “satirical” website.