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Questionable Images of President Obama-Digital Manipulations!

Questionable Images of President Obama-Digital Manipulations!


Summary of eRumor:

Our visitors and subscribers send us photographs of President Obama for the fun of it and sometimes ask us if they are real.


The Truth:


There are a variety of computer software programs that can be used to enhance or manipulate photos to fool us.  The old saying, “Seeing is Believing” might just be obsolete in the computer age.  There are even sites on the internet such as Worth1000 that hold contests on a variety of themes.

Below are are collection of photos of President Barack Obama which we have determined to be computer manipulated:




Of all the photos we have received, the one above of the President and First Lady with their left hands over their heart is asked about most.   Click here to see how TruthOrFiction.Com debunked this manipulated photo.

Updated 4/16/10


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