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Did Socrates Say ‘When Debate is Lost, Slander Becomes the Tool of the Losers’?

On June 26 2019, Eric Trump tweeted a meme attributing a quote about slander to the philosopher Socrates: — Eric Trump (@EricTrump) June 26, 2019 Against an image of what appeared to be a black and white photograph of a statue of Socrates in Athens, text read: When the debate is lost, slander becomes […]

From Central America to the United States Border, a Journey of Lies

A highly publicized caravan of people traveling from Central America in order to turn themselves in at the United States border to request asylum — one of many groups who have done so over the years — has been dogged from start to finish by false stories and threats spurred by that disinformation. One large […]

Special Counsel’s Office Asks FBI to Investigate Smear Scheme

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has referred a possible scam to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a number of reporters were contacted by someone apparently shopping a story about him sexually assaulting unidentified women: 13 days ago I received this tip alleging an attempt to pay off women to make up accusations of sexual misconduct […]