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Two Democratic Congressmen Arrested for Treason, Were on ISIS Payroll-Fiction!

Two Democratic Congressmen Arrested for Treason, Were on ISIS Payroll-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Two Democratic members of Congress have been arrested for treason after it was discovered that they were on ISIS’s payroll, and 11 other congressmen are under investigation.

The Truth:

A self-described fake news websites is behind false reports that two members of Congress were arrested for treason.

The report appeared at Last Line of Defense on September 3, 2017, under the headline, “2 Democrat Congressmen On ISIS Payroll Arrested For Treason.” The post, which had been shared nearly 20,000 times on social media within days of being published, reported that the two Democratic congressmen were “full contributors” to the cause of ISIS and may have considered suicide bombings inside the Capitol:

The two men, Rep Harold Somersworth of Maryland’s 43rd district and Rep Omar Sali of New Jersey’s 112th, will face a trial if they are deemed to be within their rights as citizens to habeas corpus. If not, which is completely up to President Trump and the NSA, they will be sent to a holding facility as prisoners of war until terrorism is defeated.

11 Other Congressmen and women are being investigated and questioned by the FBI. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says these traitors will “pay with their lives” if any link is found between them and deadly terror attacks in this country.

The first clue that the report is a hoax is that Maryland doesn’t have a 43rd district and New Jersey doesn’t have a 112th district. Maryland has seven congressional districts and New Jersey has 11 congressional districts. Also, neither state has congressmen by the name of Harold Somersworth or Omar Sali.

Last Line of Defense makes clear that everything that appears at the websites is a “satirical work of fiction” in the website’s footer, but most people don’t scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to read it:

In a cynical world where the news of the day often seems fake, The Last Line of Defense offers today’s busy conservative a place to go to read things they’ll enjoy and congregate with a bunch of people they agree with. So while everything on this site is a satirical work of fiction, we are proud to present it to those who will have called it real anyway.

In the end, reports that two Democratic congressmen have been arrested for treason are false, and everything that appears at Last Line of Defense should be considered fiction.

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