UPS, Fed Ex, USPS Delivery Failure Notice-Virus!
Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers Used Illegal Battery-Powered Gloves-Fiction!
Hillary Clinton Wants to Ban Beards-Fiction!
Christmas Tree Tax Begins in 2014-Fiction!
The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic-Unproven!
Monster Energy Drinks are Satanic-Fiction!
Russian Planes Zap USS Donald Cook's Missile Defense System-Fiction!
Connection Between AG Nominee Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder-Truth!
Claims About ACA Architect Jonathan Gruber-Truth! Fiction!
FBI Reports No Deaths at Sandy Hook-Fiction!
Casey Anthony Adopts Baby-Fiction!
Letterman's Top Ten List Takes Aim at Democrats-Fiction!
Kissing Bug Spreading “Silent Killer” Disease-Truth!
Illegal Immigrants Cost U.S. Taxpayers $338.3 Billion a Year-Fiction!
Quebec Mayor Refuses to Remove Pork from Schools-Fiction!
Starbucks and Monsanto Sue Vermont-Fiction!
Beanie Babies Filled With Spider Eggs-Fiction!
Muslim Group Seeks Pork-Free Options at Food Bank-Truth!
Ancient Army Found at the Bottom of the Red Sea-Fiction!
Veterinarian Compares Ebola, Africa Horse Sickness Travel Restrictions - Investigation Pending! 
Welfare Recipients Receive Free Cars  Rumor-Fiction!
Obama is the Mystery of the Century-Fiction!
Bill and Hillary Clinton's $11 million Mansion-Truth! & Fiction!
2015 Rates for Medicare Part A, Part B Withheld-Fiction!
Chocolate Laced With Ebola Ships to U.S. -Fiction!
Cannibal on Death Row Requests Boy for Last Meal - Fiction!
Former Marine Arrested in Crack Down on Anti-Government Commenters -Truth! & Fiction!
Hunting to be Restricted by New Age Limits, Education Requirements- Fiction!
Steven Levy Commentary on Christmas-Fiction!
Fireball Whiskey Contains Anti-Freeze Ingredient-Truth! & Misleading!
Weather Channel Co-Founder John Coleman Calls Global Warming a Hoax-Truth!
Third Graders in Kansas Test Positive for Ebola-Fiction!
Compressed Air Car Coming to Market - Truth! & Fiction!
NASA Confirms Six Days of Darkness Ahead-Fiction!
Government Seeks up to 34 Million Green Cards-Truth! &  Fiction!
Starbucks Adds Semen to its Drinks-Fiction!
President Obama Snaps at Military Brass – Unproven!
Photo Captures a 50-foot wide "Crabzilla"-Fiction!
Johns Hopkins Scientist Questions Flu Vaccine – Authorship Confirmed!
ESPN Failed to Show Veterans Salute at Lambeau Field-Truth! & Misleading!
Puppy-sized Goliath Spider Found in South America-Truth!
Chicago Woman Buried Alive-Fiction!
Worms or Maggots Found in Huggies Diapers – Truth!
Susan G. Komen CEO’s Got a 64 Percent Raise – Previously Truth! Now Resolved! 
Purdon, Texas, Quarantined After Ebola Outbreak-Fiction!
Houston Mayor Annise Parker Subpoenas Sermons-Truth!
Jefferson vs. Muslim Pirates
EV-D68 Outbreak is Spreading Due to Illegal Immigrant Children -Truth! & Fiction!
Swastika Rings Were Posted on Sears, Amazon Websites - Previously Truth!  Now Resolved!
Parents of Fallen SEAL Team 6 Officer Call for Obama’s Resignation–Authorship Confirmed!
Fatal Roller Coaster Crash at Universal Studios-Fiction!
Ebola is Spreading in the U.S. with a 2nd Confirmed Case-Truth!
Lincoln Schools Purple Penguin Gender Claims-Truth! & Fiction!
Plant a Pig to Stop Mosque Construction-Truth! & Fiction!
Gilligan’s Island's Professor Was the Zodiac Killer–Fiction!
Ebola Has Gone Airborne-Fiction!
7th Heaven Actor Stephen Collins Committed Suicide-Fiction!
Hitler’s Gun Control Laws Led to the Holocaust – Disputed!
President Obama’s Thank You to Muslims in Oklahoma-Truth!
White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillars Are Poisonous-Truth!
Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments as Secretary of State-Fiction!
15-ton Prehistoric Shark Captured in Pakistan-Fiction!
Obama Plans to Name Holder the Supreme Court - Fiction!
Flashlight Apps Spy on Users – Investigation Pending!
Veteran Rumble Email-Fiction!
Pope Francis Makes Prayer Request After ISIS Threats-Fiction!
Bendy iPhone 6 Plus-Truth!
Derek Jeter Unretired to Sign with Red Sox – Fiction!
2014 federal tax refunds will be delayed until October 2015 - Satire!
FEMA Prepares for Ebola Zombie Apocalypse – Fiction!
Halloween is National Kill a Pit Bull Day – Fiction!
Robert Mugabe Plans for Holocaust to Kill White People – Satire!
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Purchased Submachine Guns-Truth!
MTV “12 and Pregnant” Show-Fiction!
KFC Bans Alcohol Wet Wipes Because Muslims Might Take Offense - Truth!  & Now Resolved
Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People – Fiction!
Random Beheadings Deep in America's Heartland – Investigation Pending!
Claims About Illinois and Oklahoma-Truth! & Fiction!
iPhone 6 Ebola Scare
Pictures of Muslim Protests in London-Truth!
Record-shattering Snowfall on the Way-Fiction!
U.S. Government Developing Insect Spy Drones-Truth!
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Toxic-Fiction!
Hole Under Lock Car Break-ins-Truth!
McDonald's Busted for Human Meat Fillers-Fiction!
Eric Holder Funded Ferguson Riots-Fiction!
Rush Limbaugh Goes Obscene Over Jameis Winston-Fiction!
President Obama Gives U.S. Marines a ‘Latte Salute’-Truth!
An Evil Sign in Dearborn, Michigan-Fiction!
Joel Osteen's Biblically Incorrect Facebook Post-Truth!
Common Core and the Instructions on the Use of Sex Toys-Fiction!
ISIS vs. ISIL-Unproven!
Vote "No" on Proposition 25 in the California November 2014 Ballot-Fiction!
Mohammed Bakr Al-Baghdadi Converted to Christianity-Fiction!
ISIS Symbol on Back of person in Houston Deli-Pending Investigation!
Muslim Shirt Depicting Twin Towers in Flames–Unproven!
Obama to Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations-Fiction!
USS Seawolf Shot Down TWA 800-Unproven!
Army Dad Not Allowed to Visit Daughters School While in Uniform-Truth! Now Resolved!
FDA Finds Thousands of Coors Light Beer Cans Laced with Cocaine-Fiction!
Old Black Vet Speaks Out-Unproven!
Antonio West Santiago’s Murder-Truth!
President Obama Not Represented at Memorial for General Harold Greene-Fiction!
Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier-Fiction!
17 Fake Cell Phone Towers Detected-Truth!
Actress Betty White Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home-Fiction!
Photo of Ferguson Police Office Wilson's Eye Socket Injury-Fiction!
Reggie the Black Lab's Adoption-Fiction!
Van T. Barfoot and Homeowners Association Dispute Over a Flagpole-Truth!
Radical Islamic Group ISIS Beheading Christian Children in Iraq-Truth!
Gang-Style Photo of Michael Brown-Fiction!
ALS Association Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research-Truth!
Mike Brown's Criminal Record-Unproven!
Telephone Calls from Computer Virus Removal Services- Scam!
Dr. Ben Carson Considering White House Run-Truth!
Photo of Michael Brown Involved in Strong-Arm Robbery-Truth!
Zim Ship Blockade in Port of Long Beach-Fiction!
Robin Williams Goodbye Video-Fiction!
Navy Directive Bans Bibles from Hotel Rooms on Bases-Previously Truth! Now Ended!
Governor Returns Illegal Children Who Were Sent to Iowa-Fiction!
Dutch Give up Multiculturalism-Truth! & Fiction!
Kennedy Center to Get Name Change-Truth! But not the one you think!
Hand of God Sent Missile into Sea-Authorship Confirmed!
New Facebook Messenger App Warning-Truth!
Should Math be Taught in Schools?-Fiction!
Instant Noodles Use Wax that Causes Cancer-Fiction!
The Hamas Underground Terror Network in Gaza-Truth!
Edible Arrangements CEO Supports Hamas-Fiction!
Japan's Treatment of Muslims-Fiction!
Muslim Disrupts Concert in Netherlands-Truth! & Fiction!
Rip Off at the Gas Pumps-Unproven!