2016 Election – Truth and Fiction of the most popular eRumors about Clinton and Trump

Here we share the Top 15 Most Popular Posts about the two main USA presidential election candidates for the past 3 months.  Our research shows some to be Truth, some to be Fiction, and some have some Truth & Fiction.  We take the most popular trending headlines that may or may not be true, we investigate for hours the history and facts, then we report what we consider the unbiased results of our efforts.  Enjoy!!

Top 15 Articles regarding Hillary Clinton before the Election:

  1. The People President Clinton Didn’t Have to Pardon…Because They’re All Dead
  2. Photo Shows Hillary Clinton Shaking Hands with Osama bin Laden
  3. Why Hillary Clinton Was Really in Beaumont, Texas
  4. Yoko Ono and Hillary Clinton Had an Affair During the 1970s
  5. Hillary Clinton Freed a Rapist, Laughed About It
  6. Hillary Clinton Sold Weapons to ISIS
  7. Hillary Clinton Meltdown After Matt Lauer Interview
  8. Hillary Clinton Ex-Boss Says He Fired Her from Her Work on the Watergate Investigation for Being a “Liar” and “Unethical”
  9. Hillary Clinton Was Disbarred, Her Law License Revoked
  10. Clinton Researcher Victor Thorn Found Dead
  11. Hillary Clinton Said She “Admires” Margaret Sanger
  12. Clinton Sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to Retrieve Stinger Missiles
  13. Hillary Clinton: Nurses Are Glorified Babysitters
  14. Charles Krauthammer: The Clinton Foundation is Organized Crime
  15. Thousands of Fraudulent Clinton Votes Found in Ohio Warehouse

Top 15 Articles regarding Donald Trump before the Election:

  1. Donald Trump Said Republicans are the Dumbest Group of Voters
  2. Bill Bennett: They’d Kill Trump Before They Let Him Be President
  3. Pope Francis Shocks World By Endorsing Donald Trump
  4. Donald Trump’s Tower Air Transported Soldier from Gulf War
  5. Peggy Noonan on Donald Trump
  6. “Trump Does the Unthinkable” by Liz Conklin
  7. Trump Accuser Jessica Leads Tied to Clinton Foundation
  8. Architect Andrew Tesoro on Being Conned by Donald Trump
  9. President Obama Will Refuse to Leave Office if Trump is Elected
  10. Kurt Cobain Predicted Trump Presidency in 1993
  11. Interesting New Yorker Story on Donald Trump
  12. Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website After Criticizing Donald Trump
  13. Donald Trump Joked About Dating His Own Daughter
  14. Denzel Washington Supports Donald Trump, Bashes Obama
  15. Donald Trump Was Never Accused of Racism Before Running for President