Ann Coulter’s ‘Compromise on Abortion’ Tweet


In April 2023, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter tweeted: "COMPROMISE SOLUTION ON ABORTION! Ban abortion for registered Republicans only."


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On April 20 2023, a screenshot of a tweet attributed to right-wing pundit Ann Coulter — promising a “compromise solution on abortion” — was posted to r/WhitePeopleTwitter:

A broken clock is right twice a day
by u/fuzzy_dice_99 in WhitePeopleTwitter

The post was titled “A broken clock is right twice a day,” and the screengrab was shared to Imgur with a nearly identical title:

Both posts seemed to feature the same screenshot with a view count of 1,776. A viral April 19 2023 tweet also used that screenshot:

In the tweet, Coulter purportedly touted a “compromise solution to abortion”: “Ban abortion for registered Republicans only.” At first glance, the sentiment attributed to Coulter seemed unlike her; a Goodreads list of quotes from Coulter’s books included one about abortion on the first of many pages:

“The idea that making an activity legal would reduce its incidence is preposterous. This is exactly like the Clintonian statement about wanting to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’ The most effective way to make something ‘rare’ is to make it illegal.” ― Ann Coulter, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter

A search for Coulter’s commentary on abortion led to an April 5 2023 article, “Ann Coulter Makes One (1) Good Point About Abortion.” It began:

Conservative [commentator] Ann Coulter is pretty damn annoyed at the anti-abortion wing of the Republican Party (so basically, all of it) after progressives won two critical races Tuesday night [April 4 2023] in the Midwest. Specifically, she is pissed that GOP politicians are continuing to push for draconian, deeply unpopular abortion bans, despite them resulting in repeated electoral losses.

“The demand for anti-abortion legislation just cost Republicans another crucial race,” Coulter tweeted late on [April 4 2023] with a link to a story about the progressive victory at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. “Pro-lifers: WE WON. Abortion is not a ‘constitutional right’ anymore! Please stop pushing strict limits on abortion, or there will be no Republicans left.”

As for the tweet, it was real and unaltered. Coulter tweeted it on April 19 2023 (archived here):

On April 19 and 20 2023, screenshots of an “abortion compromise” tweet attributed to Ann Coulter circulated. We located three popular variations o fthe same post on Reddit, Imgur, and Twitter; all had identical view counts, a common feature of fabricated tweets. However, the tweet was real, unaltered, and is embedded above.