Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review


Screen Size

49mm display, the largest in the Apple Watch series, offers increased visibility and space for complications and apps, enhancing usability in various outdoor and fitness activities.


S9 chip, a significant upgrade from the previous S8, provides faster processing speeds. This allows for smoother operations, quicker app launches, and more responsive touch inputs.

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Claim: Apple Watch Ultra 2 has exceptional features

Description: The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is claimed to have numerous superior features including an S9 chip for faster processing speed, a 49mm display, up to 36 hours of battery life and a water-resistant design adhering to WR100 and EN 13319 standards. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 aims to bridge the gap between a lifestyle smartwatch and a dedicated fitness tracker.

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Battery Life

Up to 36 hours on a single charge under regular usage, with the potential to extend to 60 hours in low power mode. This feature is crucial for adventurers, athletes, or anyone needing reliable wear through extended periods without access to charging.

Bright Display

Maximum of 3000 nits brightness, making it the brightest Apple Watch to date. Ideal for clear visibility in sunny conditions, enhancing the device’s functionality outdoors.

Water Resistance

Certified to WR100 and EN 13319 standards, suitable for activities such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and recreational scuba diving to a certain depth. This durable design ensures the watch can withstand extreme water sports.

Dual-Frequency GPS

Integrates L1 and L5 frequencies, offering the most accurate GPS tracking on any Apple Watch. Essential for athletes and adventurers requiring precise location tracking.


Lightweight aerospace-grade titanium body creates a robust yet wearable design. The resistance and style make it adaptable for both high-impact sporting activities and everyday wear.

Voice Quality

Three built-in microphones with a beamforming algorithm to pick up voice while reducing background noise. Ensures clear calls and voice commands even in noisy outdoor conditions.

Safety Features

An 86-decibel siren and SOS patterns to attract attention and aid in emergencies. Features such as crash detection alert emergency services if a severe car crash is detected.

Software Features

Apple’s watchOS includes features like the Action button for quick access to frequently used apps, Compass Waypoints for outdoor navigation, and a Depth app for diving. These add value to the user experience by bringing functionality tailored to adventurous lifestyles.

Special Watch Faces

The Wayfinder face, with a built-in compass and customizations for mountain, ocean, or trail expeditions, automatically turns red at night for visibility. There’s also a Modular Ultra Face delivering maximal complication displays for more information at a glance.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 stands out as a rugged yet sophisticated device that supports a wide range of activities, from daily fitness tracking to extreme sports, ensuring reliability and enhancing the user experience with its advanced features and durable design.


New S9 Chip

At the heart of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the S9 chip, which elevates the device’s performance to new levels. Compared to its predecessor, this chipset delivers twice the processing power. This jump in capability translates into a smooth navigational experience for the user, making every interaction instinctive and instantaneous. The S9 chip’s enhanced machine-learning capacities ensure that Siri is more responsive, making voice commands a seamless part of the user’s digital interaction. This improvement is critical for those moments when manual interaction is impractical, like during rigorous physical activity.

Double Tap Functionality

A defining feature reflective of Apple’s thoughtful design is the Double Tap functionality enabled by the S9 chip. This feature allows users to control their watch using a simple tap of the index finger and thumb, a subtle yet powerful addition for anyone who has ever found themselves needing to interact with their device while their hands were full or during activity. Whether stopping a timer during a workout session, answering calls on-the-go, or snoozing an alarm, Double Tap is a small feature with significant impact on the device’s overall utility.

Water Resistance and Durability

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is built to thrive under conditions that would challenge lesser devices. Certified to WR100 and compliant with the EN 13319 standard, this device is crafted for the bold and adventurous. Whether it’s kitesurfing, diving, or wakeboarding, this watch remains undaunted. Constructed from lightweight aerospace-grade titanium, its chassis promises resilience against knocks and drops while maintaining a comfortable weight. This balance of durability and wearability ensures that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is an extension of the wearer.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 redefines what we expect from a smartwatch. The S9 chip’s power, coupled with innovations like the Double Tap functionality, enhances user experience. Meanwhile, its robust build enables wearers to pursue their passions without restraint.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Design and Build Quality

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a beacon of technological prowess and a masterpiece of design and engineering. It maintains the audacious edge observed in the previous version, with improvements that enhance its aesthetic appeal and functional ergonomics. Aerospace-grade titanium plays a pivotal role in its construction, chosen for its light weight, superior strength, and the understated elegance it imparts to the watch’s overall appearance.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 presents a design unchanged in shape but refined in experience. The larger 49mm case size caters to those who crave a substantial display without compromising on comfort. The titanium body’s finish has a unique sheen that captures light brilliantly, projecting an air of sophistication that belies its rugged constitution. This balance of ruggedness and elegance ensures the watch remains at home in both wild outdoor adventures and sleek urban environments.

The sapphire crystal screen is tailored to withstand the rigors of everyday life and beyond. This choice of material underscores the device’s readiness to face whatever your day throws at it. The screen’s scratch-resistant nature paired with the case’s robust build offers wearers peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected.

Another highlight of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the Action button, colored in international orange. Situated on the side opposite the Digital Crown and side button, this feature enhances the sports and adventure usability while emphasizing Apple’s characteristic design ethos of intuitive functionality merged seamlessly with stylish form factor.

Apple introduces three sport-focused band options, each meticulously designed for specific kinds of adventurers:

  • The Trail Loop band is thin, breathable, and lightweight, designed for the long-distance runner who values comfort and minimalism.
  • The Alpine Loop features a more robust structure with a high-strength yarn interwoven into a pattern that’s durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lastly, the Ocean Band caters to water sports enthusiasts with its stretchable fluoroelastomer material that can fit over dive suits.

The design and build quality of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 sets new standards for premium smartwatches. Each aspect, from the tactile satisfaction of the Action button to the dependability of its sport-focused bands, reflects a design philosophy centered on harmonizing form, function, and fearlessness. With the Apple Watch Ultra 2, adventurers get an uncompromising blend of style and substance.

Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 sets a new precedent in smartwatch battery performance, addressing one of the most common concerns amongst wearable technology users—longevity. With regular use, the Ultra 2 offers up to 36 hours of battery life on a single charge. This includes a mix of notifications, app usage, voice commands, and workout tracking, making it a reliable companion for various users.

When LTE is activated to maintain a cellular connection independent of an iPhone, the battery life predictably takes a hit but remains impressive. Users can expect closer to 24 to 28 hours of autonomy, which still represents a significant improvement over other smartwatches in the market. This LTE usage scenario validates the Ultra 2’s capacity to stand alone as a robust communication and navigation tool.

For individuals who tread paths less followed, the low-power setting is a valuable feature. When enabled, this feature elongates the Ultra 2’s battery life to an impressive 60 hours. While some functions are curtailed to achieve this longevity, it ensures that essential features like timekeeping, basic health tracking, and SOS capabilities remain operational.

ModelRegular UseLow Power Mode
Apple Watch Ultra 236 hours60 hours
Apple Watch Series 718 hoursN/A
Apple Watch SE18 hoursN/A

Compared to its predecessors and competitors, the Ultra 2’s battery performance stands out. Previous models of the Apple Watch, including the Series 7 and SE, offer approximately 18 hours of battery life under similar usage conditions. Even when comparing within its class of high-end smartwatches aimed at outdoor adventurers and fitness enthusiasts, the Ultra 2’s extended battery life in low-power mode sets a new benchmark.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 exceeds expectations on the battery front, empowering users with the confidence to undertake extended activities without the looming concern of a dead watch. Whether through the bustling activities of everyday life, the connectivity demands of LTE usage, or the stretched limits sought in low-power settings, the Ultra 2 ensures that your watch keeps ticking as steadfastly as your ambitions.

Comparison with Similar Products

When placed alongside its competitors in the smartwatch arena, particularly those tailored towards sports and outdoor activity enthusiasts like Garmin, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 not only holds its ground but shines in its own right for a variety of reasons.

Feature Set and Integration

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 takes the lead in the comprehensive suite of features it provides, all integrated seamlessly with Apple’s broader ecosystem. The S9 chip offers strong processing power, enabling functionalities like Double Tap and voice command capabilities that competitors struggle to match in terms of responsiveness and intuitive design. The Garmin Epix, while a noteworthy contender with its own set of pros including a robust design catering to outdoor activities, falls short in delivering the connected and seamless ecosystem experience that Apple offers.

Display and Usability

With a screen brightness reaching 3000 nits, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 excels in visibility under direct sunlight, addressing a common setback faced by its competitors. Its user interface benefits from years of refinement, presenting a learning curve that is manageable for the features offered. Garmin devices, known for their rugged build and endurance, offer displays that are effective but often do not reach the same brightness levels or crispness as Apple’s latest.

Battery Life Comparison

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 makes improvements in addressing battery life. Offering up to 36 hours of regular usage and extending up to 60 hours on low power mode, it allows for longer adventures without frequent recharges. Garmin’s fenix series, known for its battery longevity, sees a competitor in the Apple Watch Ultra 2. However, while Garmin watches may have an edge in battery life under certain conditions, they lack the extensive feature set and seamless smart-device interoperability the Ultra 2 offers.

Sport-Specific Features and Durability

Garmin’s lineup has long been favored by athletes for its comprehensive activity tracking, specialized metrics, and durability under extreme conditions. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 aims to fill this gap with its dual-frequency GPS, depth gauge for divers, and action buttons for quick access to functions crucial for athletes. Its aerospace-grade titanium casing and sapphire crystal display reflect a durability that’s competitive within its class, though Garmin devices are still often seen as the go-to for more extreme conditions.

Price Point

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a premium option at $799. This pricing reflects its positioning as a high-end choice within Apple’s product range and the broader smartwatch market. Garmin’s offerings vary, with top-tier models like the fenix commanding similar or greater prices depending on the specifics. The choice becomes more about ecosystem and specific needs—Apple for those seeking seamless integration with a suite of premium features; Garmin for users prioritizing extended battery life and possibly more rugged use cases, even if it means sacrificing some smartwatch functionalities.

In conclusion, the choice winds up being a testament to preferences and priorities. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 signifies a move towards bridging the gap between a lifestyle smartwatch and a dedicated fitness tracker. It encompasses a range of functionalities encased in premium build quality, challenging outdoor-specialized competitors directly. Garmin units retain their appeal in the niches they’ve carved out, offering alternatives especially for those seeking specific functionalities over broader integration. While the Apple Watch Ultra 2 might not surpass dedicated fitness watches in every aspect, it rounds up as a compelling offering that stands out for being competent across a broad spectrum.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Final Verdict

In the realm of smartwatches designed for adventure, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 stands as a testament to technological prowess intertwined with rugged design. It signals a redefined agenda on what’s possible when innovation meets the spirit of adventure. As we examine its offering, weighing its pros against the few cons, a clear picture emerges—a device crafted for the adventurous and the everyday user who seeks more.


  • The S9 chip provides strong computational power, making interactions with the Ultra 2 smooth. It enables features like Double Tap and comprehensive voice commands.
  • Navigation through the watch’s interface is intuitive, with a clear display under any lighting scenario, thanks to the peak brightness of 3000 nits.
  • With a battery life promising up to 36 hours of endurance, extending to 60 hours on low power mode, the watch caters to the needs of adventurers and professionals.
  • The integration of LTE connectivity ensures that your watch remains a lifeline to the world, broadening the possibilities with wearable tech.
  • Its water resistance and EN 13319 certification showcase its readiness for challenges, both on land and in water.


  • For those with smaller wrists, the Ultra 2’s size might feel bulky.
  • At $799, the price tag is steep. It requires an acknowledgment of craftsmanship over cost, an investment in premium quality and features that not every consumer can justify.
  • The absence of native offline mapping capabilities hints at a reliance on cellular or GPS linkage for navigation.

Best Suited For:

The Ultra 2 caters to technology enthusiasts who value seamless integration and responsiveness, outdoor adventurers who find solace in the wilderness, and fitness devotees striving for meticulous tracking and ergonomic functionality. Those invested in the Apple ecosystem will find in the Ultra 2 a companion that bridges their digital and physical pursuits.

Worth the Price?

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is an investment. For those entrenched in the Apple ecosystem or seeking a watch that transcends conventional limitations, it offers utility, excitement, and connectivity bundled in a durable design. Yet, for consumers with budgetary constraints or whose demands revolve around casual usage, this flagship device may offer more than needed at a higher price point.

In essence, the Ultra 2 is a symbol of potential extended to the wearer. It blurs the lines between limitation and exploratory freedom—a watch built to last and designed to lead. The final verdict favors those willing to embrace this future, understanding that with the Apple Watch Ultra 2, the world becomes an intriguing mesh of possibilities waiting to be explored.