Does One of President Trump’s Retweets Display ‘BERNIE BEATS TRUMP’?

On February 11 2020, a screenshot of United States President Donald Trump retweeting an account showing the name “BERNIE BEATS TRUMP” appeared on Twitter:

At 11:02 AM on February 11 2020, Trump retweeted a post from user @CANCEL_SAM which included a photograph of Trump with former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Trump added commentary describing Bloomberg as “short” and calling him “Mini Mike”:

When Trump decided to retweet @CANCEL_SAM, his displayed name was most likely not “BERNIE BEATS TRUMP”:

Other people on the social media platform described @CANCEL_SAM‘s quick revision as a clever act of “political trolling”:

As of 1:04 PM on February 11 2020, the name change remained visible at the top of Trump’s Twitter timeline; it is archived here in the event the retweet is removed or altered.