Is Atlanta Urging People ‘Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists’ Lawns’?


The city of Atlanta, Georgia put up posters with maps asking people not to dump trash on the lawns of white supremacists.




On April 29 2019, an image of a purported notice from the City of Atlanta urging residents “not to” dump trash on white supremacists’ lawns went viral:

Although the above version was popular, other anti-fascist Twitter accounts shared the image — including at least one in Atlanta:

An image of the poster also appeared on Reddit’s r/ChapoTrapHouse, r/pics, and r/Atlanta:

None of the posts linked here included sourcing for the images or any other information about them. On the same date, the anti-fascist site It’s Going Down posted an item about the circulating images. IGD noted that around 80 signs appeared in areas of Atlanta on the morning of April 29 2019, but no information about their origin was reported:

This morning, Lakewood Heights residents awoke to approximately 80 flyers stapled and wheat-pasted around the neighborhood, bearing the City of Atlanta’s seal. The posters, titled “City of Atlanta Public Notice: Please Do Not Dump Trash on White Supremacist Leaders’ Properties,” read:

“People have been dumping trash on the properties of well-known white nationalists Sam Dickson and Evan Anderson. Dickson has said that this dumping is a financial hardship, and it interferes with his plans of gentrifying the Lakewood area and forcing out people of color. He and Anderson are very busy organizing with other white supremacists, including attending white pride rallies and providing violent white supremacists with material support. It has been too costly for them to hire security at each of these properties, and it is not possible for police to watch them at all times. So we are relying on your honor and goodwill to refrain from dumping garbage or doing other property damage to these locations, such as breaking windows and spray painting ‘Nazis get out’. If the dumping continues, Dickson and Anderson may even be forced to sell the properties at a loss. Here is a list of Sam Dickson’s and Evan Anderson’s properties to please not dump any trash on.”

The empty lots and buildings were listed alongside a map with the properties marked.

In the replies of the second tweet above, Atlanta Antifascists provided some local context to the posters:

Although even supporters of the posters urging people not to dump trash on white supremacists lawns doubted they were authentic, we have contacted the city of Atlanta for further information and will update when we learn more.