Kid Rock ‘Cool, Daddy Cool’ Lyrics and ‘Grooming’

On April 11 2023m a meme that purportedly quoted lyrics from right-wing pop singer Kid Rock about “underage” girls and “young ladies” was shared to Twitter:

An attached image featured commentary, followed by lyrics attributed to Kid Rock, alongside his likeness. Both text portions together read:

Fact Check

Claim: A Kid Rock song contains the lyrics “young ladies, young ladies, I like ’em underage, see some say that’s statutory, but I say it’s mandatory.”

Description: The song in question is titled ‘Cool, Daddy Cool’ and was included in the 2001 film ‘Osmosis Jones.’ The claims about these lyrics surfaced after Kid Rock tweeted a video of himself shooting at cases of Bud Light in protest of the brand’s affiliation with Dylan Mulvaney.


Rating Explanation: The lyrics were verified by, a lyrics-centric website, which proves that the claim is true.

If Kid Rock is actually concerned about grooming kids then maybe he shouldn’t have sung a song with these lyrics:

“Young ladies,
young ladies,
I like ’em underage.
See some say
that’s statutory
But I say it’s

An April 4 2023 tweet by journalist Matt Binder was very similar to the meme version embedded above. Binder also retweeted a short, more recent video of Kid Rock shooting at cases of Budweiser’s Bud Light (juxtaposed with a clip of the aforementioned lyrics):

Binder retweeted an April 3 2023 tweet by Kid Rock, which we mentioned in an April 4 2023 page about a broader manufactured controversy involving Bud Light:

The announcement that trans actress Dylan Mulvaney was working with the Bud Light brand of beers sent right-wing media organizations and bloggers into a transphobic fit — with a predictably ahistorical bent … Mulvaney’s video spawned an alleged “boycott” as well as firearms use by right-wing entertainer Bob “Kid Rock” Ritchie[.]

On April 5 2023, gossip blog referenced Kid Rock’s Bud Light video, the lyrics in question, and partisan application of the word “groomer” in an entry headlined, “Kid Rock — Who Once Rapped About Enjoying Statutory Rape — Protests Bud Light For Partnership With Trans Star Dylan Mulvaney”:

Kid Rock, probably known better now for being one of the illustrious celebrities who supports Donald Trump than for anything talent-related, took to his own Twitter this week to do his own little protest … It’s such a gross thing to protest, just a person’s existence. But it’s particularly egregious coming from this guy.

Need we remind you, before [Kid Rock] starts in with the “groomer” talk, that Kid actually was into kids… according to his lyrics in a children’s movie song anyway! Like many on the internet, we just learned last year that the lyrics for his track Cool, Daddy Cool from the movie Osmosis Jones included the lyrics:

“On my cell phone I’m paid, G, can’t call me, just page me
Young ladies, young ladies, I like ’em underage see
Some say that’s statutory, But I say it’s mandatory”

Lyrics-centric website provided lyrics for Kid Rock’s “Cool, Daddy Cool,” indicating the song was on the soundtrack for Osmosis Jones:

[Unknown Female Singer]
I like the way you profile, them posey’s they got style
Daddy can I roll with you?
Here’s some money for your gas tank, a forty and a fatty
Daddy, so I’m down with you

[Kid Rock] (Joe C.)
Now, some people say my mind’s blown, I’m coolin’ like a snow cone
On my cell phone I’m paid, G, can’t call me, just page me
Young ladies, young ladies, I like ’em underage see
Some say that’s statutory (But I say it’s mandatory)
My story ain’t that complex, two forties and a rolex
I rip, I rock, I roll, G, I trim my hair with the flowbee
Got soul, G, like Al Green, co-coolin’ like the A-Team
From Maine to San Francisco, I’m shootin’ like a pistol
I’m so slick, I’m Crisco, daddy likes to disco

According to, Osmosis Jones was released in 2001; Kid Rock voiced “Kidney Rock”:

2001’s Osmosis Jones is a hybrid live action-animated Buddy Cop Movie featuring Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce. The two are paired up to stop a nasty criminal (played by Laurence Fishburne) from destroying their beloved city, hindered by the self-centered mayor Phlegmming (William Shatner), whose assistant (R&B singer Brandy) is the main love interest.

Also, this all takes place inside a human body.

Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock) is a white blood cell cop who lost his reputation after a nasty incident that ruined Frank DeTorre (the human this movie takes place in, played by Bill Murray) out in the real world. Frank eats a contaminated egg that carried a deadly virus by the name of Thrax (Laurence Fishburne), whose goal is to kill Frank within 48 hours.

After Kid Rock tweeted video of himself shooting at cases of Bud Light to protest the brand’s affiliation with Dylan Mulvaney, claims appeared that he once sang about “underage” girls in a children’s movie. Kid Rock’s contribution to the 2001 film Osmosis Jones included “Cool, Daddy Cool,” which contained the lines: “Young ladies, young ladies, I like ’em underage, see. Some say that’s statutory, but I say it’s mandatory.”