Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘I Trust [the Government] Even Less Now That I’m in It.’

On July 28 2022, the Twitter account Conservative Self-Owns (@ConSelfOwns) tweeted a screenshot of a quote attributed to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), suggesting that she had said that she distrusted the government less after becoming a part of it:

On Twitter, the tweet was virally popular, and received significant engagement within the first 24 hours after it was posted. The tweet itself had no text, and a screenshot showed an image of Greene alongside text on the image.

Fact Check

Claim: Marjorie Taylor Greene said: “I trust [the government] even less now that I’m in it.”

Description: A claim has been made that Marjorie Taylor Greene said and meant that she trusts the government even less now that she’s a part of it.


Rating Explanation: The claim was confirmed as Greene was shown saying specifically ‘I don’t trust the government … and I’m in it. And I trust it even less, now that I’m in it.’ in a podcast-type show clip shared on Twitter.

That text read:

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I trust [the government] even less now that I’m in it.”

Quotes attributed to Greene were often difficult to validate due to Greene’s tendency to appear on podcasts and in streamed interviews without transcriptions. That was the case with a previous quote attributed to Greene, in which she purportedly lamented the targeting of “white supremacists” based on “how they vote”:

Eventually, we located the remarks about white supremacists and voting, which were made by Greene during an appearance on a podcast-type show in May 2022. A search for the string of text in the July 28 2022 tweet with three of the words in quotes (but no date restriction) returned only 34 results, the first of which was another recent tweet featuring the same quote; after the first five or six results, the remainder were unrelated to the claim and merely had words in common.

Of those results, the first was a tweet from the account @PatriotTakes. In that variation (tweeted on July 27 2022), the quote was transcribed and thus easier to track down:

As was the case with the May 2022 commentary attributed to Greene, it appeared that her “I trust it even less now that I’m in it” remarks were made on a podcast-type show. A clip showed Greene speaking with a man, and a background graphic read “Graham Allen’s Dear America.”

In that clip (five seconds in total), Greene’s slightly longer remark was as follows:

I don’t trust the government … and I’m in it. And I trust it even less, now that I’m in it.

A popular screenshot-based tweet from @ConSelfOwns suggested Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said “I trust [the government] even less now that I’m in it.” Greene’s complete quote was truncated, but not misleadingly so. She initially stated she did not trust the government, then added “and I’m in it.” She added that she trusted the government even less “now that [she’s] in it.”