Rivian R1S 2024 Review


The Rivian R1S stands out as an electric three-row SUV, mixing luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness. It targets families desiring a high-end vehicle without sacrificing planet care. The R1S offers impressive acceleration, hitting 60 mph in about 3 seconds. Its electric motor setup assures all-wheel drive, enhancing off-road capabilities alongside on-road performance.

The SUV’s design balances function and style, with a panoramic glass roof and modern interior featuring high-quality materials. Standard equipment includes synthetic leather upholstery, heated seats front and back, and an infotainment system with a 16-inch touchscreen. The R1S is well-equipped with advanced driver aids like forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control.

Fact Check

Claim: Rivian R1S is a luxury electric vehicle with off-road capability

Description: The Rivian R1S, an electric three-row SUV, stands out due to its mix of luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness. It offers impressive acceleration, luxury features such as leather upholstery, and advanced driver aids like collision warning and adaptive cruise control. Moreover, with various battery pack options, Rivian R1S’s range varies between 260 to over 400 miles.

Rating: True

Rating Explanation: Based on the review, the Rivian R1S’s claim of being a luxury electric vehicle with off-road capability is substantiated by its impressive performance, high-end features, and range.

Battery options vary, offering a range between 260 to over 400 miles. Charging the R1S can add up to 140 miles of range in about 20 minutes with a DC fast charger.1 The Rivian R1S competes in a unique niche, with very few three-row electric SUVs available, setting a high bar for luxury, eco-friendliness, and practicality.


The 2024 Rivian R1S offers specs that appeal to both the eco-conscious and performance enthusiasts. It blends pragmatic design and electric power.

  • Dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration: 533 horsepower, balancing efficiency and excitement
  • Performance upgrade: 835 horsepower, allowing 0 to 60 mph acceleration in roughly 3 seconds
  • Battery choices:
    • Standard pack: estimated 260 miles of range
  • Max pack: over 400 miles on a full charge

The Adventure trim includes synthetic leather upholstery, power-adjustable heated and ventilated seats, and driver assists like forward collision alert and adaptive cruise control. The Quad-Motor setup delivers even more impressive acceleration.

Other notable features include a 16-inch infotainment screen. The R1S aims to persuade traditional luxury SUV buyers that electric vehicles can offer both comfort and capability.

Rivian R1S interior

Features and Performance

The Rivian R1S serves as a versatile vehicle for daily life and adventures. The cabin uses sustainable materials and features a panoramic glass roof. The interior exudes quality with its synthetic leather upholstery and heated seats.

The R1S also performs well off-road. It has an adaptive air suspension that can raise the vehicle for improved ground clearance. On the road, the ride can be a bit firm at times.

In terms of acceleration, the Quad-Motor version can reach 60 mph in about 3 seconds.2 The dual-motor setup offers more balanced performance. The R1S demonstrates responsive handling and stable road manners.

Overall, the Rivian R1S combines a luxurious cabin, off-road capability, and impressive performance to create a well-rounded electric SUV.

Design and Build Quality

The Rivian R1S boasts a design that blends ruggedness and refinement. The exterior features clean lines, a distinctive light bar, and an aerodynamic stance.

Inside, the cabin showcases innovation and minimalism. The use of vegan leather upholds sustainability without compromising comfort. The seats are supportive and the expansive dashboard is dominated by a large infotainment screen, minimizing physical buttons.

Rivian’s attention to craftsmanship is evident in the well-assembled interiors, precise panel alignment, and premium finishes. However, early production models faced some minor fit and finish issues, which Rivian has been addressing.3 While the occasional misaligned panel or imperfect trim finish may still be found, these instances are becoming less common as Rivian refines its manufacturing processes.

The Rivian R1S’s design and build quality strike a balance between rugged capability and refined comfort. The exterior exudes modern appeal, while the interior envelops occupants in a high-tech, luxurious environment.

Comparison with Similar Products

The Rivian R1S competes in the electric SUV market against established players and upcoming entrants. When compared to the Tesla Model X, the R1S offers similar acceleration but adds off-road prowess. The R1S provides a more versatile driving experience, excelling both on pavement and trails.

FeatureRivian R1STesla Model XBMW iX
Off-road capabilityExcellentLimitedLimited
Acceleration (0-60 mph)~3 seconds (Quad-Motor)~2.5 seconds (Plaid)~4.6 seconds (xDrive50)
Range (miles)260-400+333-348300-324
Luxury featuresHighHighHigh

Against the BMW iX, the R1S matches or exceeds its luxury and technology features. However, the R1S goes further by offering genuine off-road capabilities, making it a compelling choice for those seeking adventures beyond the urban landscape.

The upcoming electric offerings from Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover add an element of uncertainty to the comparison. Nonetheless, Rivian’s early entry into the luxury electric SUV segment sets a high standard, balancing eco-friendliness with adventurous spirit.

The R1S stands out with its range of features, from various battery pack options to its luxurious cabin. It offers not just transportation but a refined and capable experience. While competitors like the Model X focus more on performance, the R1S delivers a comprehensive package that combines action and opulence.

In terms of value, the R1S represents more than just a vehicle purchase; it embodies a commitment to sustainability and adventure. Despite the unique strengths of its rivals, the Rivian R1S distinguishes itself through its blend of electric performance, luxury, and off-road readiness.

The Rivian R1S carves its own path in the electric SUV market, offering a distinct combination of capabilities and refinement that sets it apart from its competitors.

Final Verdict

The 2024 Rivian R1S successfully combines luxury with rugged efficiency, creating a unique niche in the electric vehicle market. However, before committing to this electric titan, it’s important to consider its pros and cons.

The R1S boasts impressive performance, with acceleration that thrills and astounds. It also offers genuine off-road capability, a rare feature among electric vehicles. The impeccable interior and forward-thinking design further set it apart.

However, the ride quality may not be as comfortable on less-than-perfect roads, and early production models have shown some minor fit and finish inconsistencies. The price point also positions the R1S in the luxury bracket, which may be a consideration for potential buyers.

Impressive performanceRide quality on rough roads
Genuine off-road capabilityMinor fit and finish issues
Luxurious interiorHigh price point
Innovative design 

When assessing value, it’s important to consider not just the price tag but also the values of sustainability, innovation, and the overall experience. The Rivian R1S is a statement vehicle that supports green technology without compromising on performance or luxury.

For those who can invest at this level and desire a vehicle that embraces futuristic automotive technology while offering off-road exploration and luxury travel, the 2024 Rivian R1S is a compelling choice. It represents a marriage of ideals, combining revolutionary technology with mindful design, making every journey a step towards an electrified future encased in tangible luxury.