A New Coin Called the "Amero" Is Being Minted As The Future Currency Of The U.S.A.-Fiction!

 A New Coin Called the “Amero” Is Being Minted As The Future Currency Of The U.S.A.-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Various warnings about the USA, Canada and Mexico losing their sovereignty, merging into a North American Union and switching to a single currency known as the Amero.   A video by Hal Turner claims that these are already in use in trade agreements with China.
The Truth:
This eRumor is based on a collector’s coin and on fears that the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement could be the first step toward loss of sovereignty for the United States.
First, the Amero coin does exist, but is not American currency.  It is a collector coin designed by a man named Daniel Carr and available for sale on a web site called the Amero Currency Site.  This product is marketed for coin collectors and coin enthusiasts but it is not legal tender.
The Amero Currency site says that visitors can “Buy Ameros for educational purposes, as novelties and conversation starters at the first tee !!!”  The site says that the coin is being sold to raise awareness of the NAFTA trade agreements between Canada, United States and Mexico but the marketing of this coin has spun into a conspiracy theory.
The North American Free Trade Agreement was signed into law in 1993 by President Bill Clinton. It is a trade pact between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and removed most trade restrictions and tariffs among the three nations. It has been a controversial agreement but has also fueled fears among those who believe it was the first step toward a North American Economic Union similar to the European Economic Union.
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Updated 11/04/08