AOL commercial email tax?-Truth!

Protest AOL’s “Email Tax” Charged to Major Emailers-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

An alert from asking you to sign a petition targeted to AOL.  The email says that AOL is going to be charging an “email tax” to corporations and other large originators of emails, which would bypass AOL’s spam filters and give guaranteed, quick delivery to the addressees.  The email objects to senders of email being divided into preferential categories and the threat that ordinary emails would be lost in spam filters.

The Truth:

This story is true, although it does not mean that a “tax” will be charged to AOL members who send emails.  Apparently some people who have received this warning thought AOL was going to charge the “tax” anybody sending an email, which is not the case.

AOL told that it is going to charge a 1-cent per email fee to commercial outfits that send large volumes of emails, but the AOL members receiving the messages will not have to pay anything and that sending emails will also continue to be without additional charge.  AOL said it “…is part of AOL’s continued effort to protect our members from spam or unsolicited e-mail.” 

Last updated 2/24/06