Ask for an American when calling for technical support!-Grass Roots Movement!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email that advises consumers when calling technical support and reaching assistance in a foreign land to ask for an American.  It says that this could help create more jobs in the U.S. and ensure better customer service.

The Truth:

This is a grass roots movement.  We have found no evidence of any organized group or web site promoting this cause.  It is not known if asking for an American would get an American on the other side of the line when trying to solve technical issues. 

The practice of overseas call centers for technical support is used by some computer companies.  According to an August 8, 2002 article in the  South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “The Answer Group, an 8-year-old Fort Lauderdale company, said Wednesday it was notified last week by Hewlett-Packard Co. that its five-year relationship with Compaq Computer Inc., which was acquired by HP in May, will be terminated because the company’s new policy is to move all its tech support operations offshore.”   The article went on to say that HP does have technical support both in the U.S. and overseas.  Click for article.

updated 08/17/09

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

How to save some American jobs and we can help!

Hi, Everyone,

I want to share with you some great information that I found out purely by accident. I believe it can also save and create jobs in America while giving people better customer service.

So how many times have you called a company’s service phone line and found that the rep. can barely speak English? Once with a major mortgage company it was so bad I demanded to speak with someone who spoke English. Right at that moment I broke the code, the secret password for customer service.

Come to find out that every American company using overseas operators must transfer you to an American rep. by your saying……. ” I want to speak to a representative in America .”   (Don’t take no for an answer on this.)

This was confirmed by the American rep. that they must transfer you after that request. I’ve tried it on a half a dozen major companies including cable, bank, phone and mortgage companies. It works every time and I actually get my issues taken care of.

Last thing, to help save even more jobs…. don’t use the automated checkout lanes they are pushing at the big box stores. Once again I found out that if we use those check outs rather than cashiers, people lose their jobs too. I’ve refused to use the automated check outs and have had two cashiers already thank me for help saving their job.