AT&T Customers Eligible for Refund under Mobile Cramming Settlement – Truth!

AT&T Customers Eligible for Refund under Mobile Cramming Settlement – Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
AT&T customers have been notified that they are eligible for a refund if charges from other companies appeared on their AT&T phone bill.
The Truth:

It’s true that AT&T customers may be eligible for refunds.

AT&T agreed to a $105 million payout to settle a “mobile cramming” case that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) brought against the company.

According to the FTC:

“Cramming happens when a company uses your mobile or landline phone bill like a credit card, and adds a charge for services like trivia, ringtones, daily horoscopes or love tips to your bill that you didn’t agree to or use. The most common dollar amount for a cramming charge is $9.99, a relatively small amount, which is easy to overlook. Some charges sound like larger fees you do owe, making it tough to pick out the phony charges, especially if your mobile phone bill varies month to month.”

AT&T users may have unknowingly paid for third-party charges on their phone bills that were bundled into their monthly service charges. Here’s an example of the text message that AT&T subscribers received to notify them of the mobile cramming settlement:

“AT&T Free Msg: Refunds available. You may have paid for charges from other companies on your AT&T bill that you did not authorize. Go to for information.”

An AT&T spokesperson told that customers should contact a customer service representative to determine if they are eligible for a refund before applying for a refund at