Bathroom Robbery

Robbers Hiding in Women’s Bathroom Stalls-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A warning that crooks are hiding in women’s restrooms.  They wait in a toilet stall until a woman is alone in an adjacent stall then stand up and rob the woman at gunpoint.  They then taken the woman’s clothes, leaving her naked in the restroom, hang an “out of order” sign on the restroom door and make their get away while the woman waits in terror—and waits for a long time because nobody comes into the restroom because of the “out of order” sign.

The Truth:

This is a hoax that has circulated on the Internet for many years.

There are no reported cases of this actually happening.

Whether this was fabricated by someone as a joke or is an expression of someone’s worst fears, we don’t know, but it is a false story.

It’s a very unlikely scenario that a man would go into a women’s restroom with multiple stalls without being seen (the restroom would have to be empty), hide for any length of time in a stall, have the fortune that the only woman left in the room would be in the stall next to him, that nobody else would come into the restroom while he was robbing the woman and making her disrobe, that he would exit without being seen, and then that the woman would really wait for one or two hours before peeking out the door and asking for help.