Bob Saget Predicted Death on His Podcast?

On February 16 2022, a brief recent clip of late comedian Bob Saget saying he didn’t “have long to live” and would be “found dead in bed” began circulating on Twitter:

On the day the tweet above appeared, Saget’s name was in the news. NBC News reported that a judge temporarily blocked the release of records relating to Saget’s unexpected January 2022 death:

Fact Check

Claim: In a conversation on his podcast with his wife in October 2021, Bob Saget said "I don’t have long to live" and "I’m gonna be found dead in bed."

Description: In a podcast with his wife in October 2021, Bob Saget said ‘I don’t have long to live’ and ‘I’m gonna be found dead in bed.’

Rating: Decontextualized

Rating Explanation: The conversations between Saget and his wife were found to be decontextualized. Saget’s statement of not having long to live and being found dead in bed was made jokingly in response to his wife’s list of favourite mafia-themed movies, which was excluded from the circulating social media posts. Therefore, it is not accurate to depict these comments as a prediction of his death.

Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu found that Saget’s family would suffer “irreparable harm” and stated “plaintiffs have a clear legal right or interest in the Protected Records as the surviving spouse and children of Mr. Saget,” according to the motion to grant the injunction.

The segment originated with Saget’s podcast, Bob Saget’s Here for You. It was published across platforms ,including YouTube, on October 25 2021; the exchange started at around 48:15.

Text at the top and bottom of the Twitter video snippet read:

“BOB ISNT DEAD… this was 3mo before […]

[…] Neither is EPSTEIN[.]”

In the 42-second-long clip, Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo spoke first, saying: “… and I know you also love to pepper in movies, because you love movies …” Saget cut in, saying: “Pepper in movies? I, like, live for movies.”

Rizzo added she “absolutely love[s] movies as well,” to which Saget replied: “you love five movies.” He then asserted that Rizzo could watch The Big Lebowski “every day.”

After that, the exchange highlighted on social media took place — and along with it, important context for Saget’s “I don’t have long to live” and “I’m gonna be dead in bed” statements that was strangely omitted from conspiratorial posts to social media. Rizzo responded to Saget’s reference to the film The Big Lebowski, adding a list of mafia-themed favorite movies:

[Rizzo] I love Big Lebowski, Godfather, Wayne’s World, Godfather II, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface … um, but …

[Saget] So I don’t have long to live [if] these are your favorites … I’m gonna be found dead in bed.

[Rizzo] You better watch out.

Although that context appeared in the shorter clip of the episode of Bob Saget’s Here for You on Twitter, many viewers appeared to miss the broader tenor of the conversation between Saget and his wife. When she listed off her favorite films as primarily about organized crime, he joked that her love for mafia movies increased the likelihood he did not “have long to live” and would be “found dead in bed” as a result; Rizzo picked up on the joke and added that he “better watch out.”

On February 16 2022, a brief snippet (42 seconds) of a much longer episode (98 minutes) of Bob Saget’s Here for You circulated on Twitter; in the October 25 2021 clip, Saget said he didn’t “have long to live” and would be “found dead in bed.” In both the snippet and the longer version, Saget was responding to his wife Kelly Rizzo’s list of favorite movies — among them the Godfather, Godfather II, Goodfellas, Casino, and Scarface. When Rizzo listed her favorite films, Saget made the remarks with the qualifier “if these are your [favorite movies].”