Lock bumping-a threat to home or office security-Truth!

Lock Bumping-a Threat to Security at Home or Office-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Stories, some with links to video reports, about a method of opening locks called “lock bumping,” a simple way for the bad guys to be able to open locked doors.

The Truth:

Lock bumping is real and also very simple and, as of February 2007, very well known because of the Internet.

Stories began circulating about lock bumping and because it was not widely known and represented a real threat, folks forwarded the stories to friends and family as a warning to be aware of.  Unfortunately, what also started circulating was detailed instructions about how to do lock bumping, which represented a threat in itself.  A Dutch video that began making the rounds of the Internet in 2005 may have marked the start of the spread of interest in lock bumping. 

Lock bumping is a simple technique of opening what are called pin tumbler locks, which are the most common locks in use for residential and business doors.  Bumping involves customizing the type of key that fits into the particular kind of lock then tapping or hitting the key in just the right way and at just the right moment to cause the lock to open, therefore the term “bumping.”

Bumping has become so popular that there are websites that are openly selling bump keys for a variety of locks including a “bundle” of all of the keys for a special prices.  A manufacturing company is selling a special bumping tool that is used to tap the bump key in a lock.

The experts say that there are locks that are not vulnerable to lock bumping. Those include magnetic or electronic  locks and locks using rotating disks.  They are more expensive but worth it if you want to feel secure.  Talk with your locksmith about the differences and what locks are recommended.

Updated 2/1/07