Candace Owens’ Ivermectin Fox News Tweet

On May 16 2022, Twitter user @BagdMilkSoWhat shared a purported screenshot of a tweet by right-wing pundit and disinformation purveyor Candace Owens, retweeting a Fox News tweet about parasite medication ivermectin causing incontinence:

The Screenshot of Candace Owens’ Purported Ivermectin/Fox News Tweet

In the screenshot, it appeared Owens retweeted a Fox News article at 8:23 AM on May 13 2022, commenting: “Well, this explains a few things ????”.

Fact Check

Claim: Candace Owens tweeted a link to a Fox News article about ivermectin and incontinence, stating it “explains a few things.”

Description: Right-wing pundit Candace Owens allegedly retweeted a Fox News article claiming that 68% of those who used ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid are suffering long-term bowel and urinary incontinence.

Rating: Not True

Rating Explanation: The alleged tweet by Candace Owens retweeting a Fox News post about ivermectin’s side effects was found to be a satirical creation from subreddit r/totallyrealtweets and there is no actual evidence of such a tweet by Owens or Fox News.

Beneath commentary attributed to Owens, what was ostensibly a Fox News tweet appeared. It included a stock image of a woman miming gastrointestinal discomfort, and the text read:

Fox News/@FoxNews

Ivermectin’s hidden cost: New studies show that 68% of those who used ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid are suffering long-term bowel and urinary incontinence

9:02 PM · May 12, 2022

Commenters on the tweet embedded above interacted with the screenshot as if it were authentic, responding:

“No shit. Who could have imagined that taking a drug intended for deworming large animals would have an adverse effect oh humans’ gastro-intestinal tracts? What a surprise.”

“That’s not funny. I appreciate the irony. But, it’s more sad than funny. Sport is one thing. But, it’s never good to see people injured.✌️”

“Awwww… It’s unfortunate the individuals who took the unapproved horse medicine are experiencing these symptoms, however, that’s what happens when you get your information from Facebook and disinformation media like Faux, OAN, Newsmax and others”

“Is it terrible that it made me laugh out loud?It has probably killed off all of their gut flora and they need to be on good probiotics. A long high dose of antibiotics will do the same thing to your digestion”

At least one commenter registered mild skepticism about the underlying retweet:

“I’m surprised that Fox News is tweeting this, because they were one of the sources of the whole Ivermectin misinformation.”

Google Trends data demonstrated a concentration of search interest, apparent efforts to locate the tweet by Owens or the Fox News article she appeared to share. Terms with “Breakout” levels of popularity included:

  • “Candace Owens Ivermectin”;
  • “Candace Owens Twitter”;
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Origin of the Screenshot

Reverse image search led to a May 13 2022 Imgur post depicting the same screenshot, titled “Fake, butt funny”:

On the same date (May 13 2022), prolific Reddit creator of satirical tweets u/carrorphcarp shared the screenshot to r/ToiletPaperUSA:

Visible at the top of the border around the supposed Fox News “Ivermectin’s hidden cost …” tweet, a tiny watermark fort the subreddit r/totallyrealtweets appeared. In the comments, submitter u/carrorphcarp addressed the authenticity of both elements — first, Owens’ tweet:

This post is flaired as “FAKE NEWS.” That means it is not a real tweet. From r/TOTALLYREALTWEETS

In a separate comment, a user asked whether the Fox News “Ivermectin’s hidden cost” tweet was real. u/carrorphcarp explained:

Fake all the way through[.]


On May 16 2022, a purported screenshot of a Candace Owens tweet (retweeting a Fox News “Ivermectin’s hidden cost” tweet) spread virally on Twitter. Neither the Candace Owens tweet nor the Fox News Ivermectin and incontinence tweet were real. Both were satirical, originating with r/totallyrealtweets, and the screenshot included a watermark of the subreddit’s name.