Create an entry in your address book to avoid spreading viruses-Fiction!

This message includes a tip to help avoid spreading viruses. Since many viruses automatically email themselves to people in your address book, create a new entry that will foil the attempt. Give the new entry the name of !0000 or AAAAAA and do not put any email address in the entry. That way it will be the first in the address book. When a virus tries to send itself to every address, it won’t get very far because the familiar error message will appear that says it could not be sent because of either a missing email address or a bad address.

Free Cracker Barrel certificates for forwarded emails-Fiction!

Forward an Email About Cracker Barrel-Receive a Gift Certificate in Response–Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Junior Johnson, the founder of Cracker Barrel, says he’s trying to reach the rural areas where his stores are not located.  If you forward his email to nine of your friends, you’ll receive authorization by email for a $50 gift certificate. …

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