Charles Stanley Speaking Out-Fiction!

Charles Stanley Speaking Out- Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A pro-McCain Email claiming to be from Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries about the loss of Christian heritage in the United States and asking prayer warriors to start prayer chains petitioning God for the election of  Presidential Candidate John McCain.

The Truth:

A representative for In Touch Ministries, based in Atlanta, Georgia told that this was falsely attributed to Dr. Charles Stanley and that he is not the author of this email.

There is also a Reverend Charles Stanley, who is a retired pastor from Hertford, North Carolina.  After the 9/11 attack Reverend Stanley wrote an open letter to terrorists which had mass circulation on the internet and was mistakenly attributed to the In Touch radio-television teacher from Georgia.  Reverend Stanley told that he is not the author of this email.   Click here for our findings on his open letter.

The author of this email remains a mystery.   

updated 11/10/08