Charlie Manson Endorses Donald Trump-Fiction!

Charles Manson Endorses Donald Trump-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Charles Manson has endorsed Donald Trump for president from San Quentin prison.
The Truth:
A prank website is behind this false report.
The website,, allows users to create fake news stories to “prank” their friends and followers on social media.
In this case, a story appearing under the headline, “Charles Manson Endorses Donald Trump” reported:

Family cult leader Charles Manson endorsed Donald Trump for President from San Quentin Prison. “He’s the best man for the job, and he speaks his mind,” Charlie said during a telephone conversation with this reporter.

The story was widely shared on social media. And many who read the headline without clicking through to the website believed that Charles Manson had actually endorsed Donald Trump.
Those who did click through to the article, however, found body text that was totally unrelated to both Charles Manson and Donald Trump. And then, within seconds, a gif popped up informing the reader “You got pranked.”