Darren Bucklew has cancer. Forward an email for him for financial help-Fiction!

Teenager Darren Bucklew Has a Serious Liver Condition and Forwarded Emails Will Raise Funds For His Treatment-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A high school boy named David “Darren” Bucklew says he’s got a serious liver condition called “ostriopliosis.”  If you forward emails to others, the Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh will donate to the National Disease Society for his treatment.
The Truth:
It’s another of the “donations for emails” eRumors and is not true.  We haven’t found a Darren Bucklew with a liver condition, no such offer has been made by the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and there appears to be no such disease as ostriopliosis.  There is no way for your forwarded emails to be tracked for this purpose.