Clinton Foundation Paid for Chelsea Clinton's Wedding-Unproven!

Clinton Foundation Paid for Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:
Citing linked emails from John Podesta, multiple media outlets have reported that the Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea Clinton’s “lavish” $3 million wedding.
The Truth:
A former aid to President Bill Clinton referred to “the investigation” into Chelsea Clinton’s use of Clinton Foundation “resources” to pay for her wedding in a leaked 2012 email.
But no additional information about the investigation or the accusation that Clinton Foundation resources were used to pay for the wedding have come to light yet.
The story went viral days before the 2016 presidential election when FOX News published a story on November 6th under the headline, “Clinton Aide Says Foundation Paid for Chelsea’s Wedding, WikiLeaks Emails Show”:

Former President Bill Clinton’s top aide wrote in 2012 that Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation resources “for her wedding and life for a decade” and a top Foundation donor was responsible for “killing” unfavorable press coverage – all as an internal Foundation audit uncovered numerous conflicts of interest and “quid pro quo benefits,” according to emails released Sunday by WikiLeaks.

But the FOX News report failed to make clear that Clinton aide didn’t flat out state that the foundation paid for Chelsea’s wedding — he referred to an investigation into the matter. It’s not clear from the email exchange who would have conducted that investigation, or what it’s findings were.
The email exchange was between Doug Band and John Podesta in January 2016 that was released by WikiLeaks. Band wrote that he had received a call from a close friend that Chelsea, identified in the emails as “cvc,” told “one of the bush 43 kids” that she is “conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation.”
In a second email, Band wrote, “The investigation into (Chelsea) getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents … I hope that you will speak to her and end this. Once we go down this road…”
So, it’s not clear exactly what “investigation” Band was referring to, or what, if anything, it concluded about foundation “resources” supporting Chelsea’s wedding or lifestyle. That’s why we’re calling this one unproven for now, but we’ll update as information is made available.