Telephone Calls from Computer Virus Removal Services- Scam!

Telephone Calls from Computer Virus Removal Services- Scam!

Summary of eRumor:

There has been an increasing amount of unsolicited telephone calls from agents alleging to be with a computer virus removal company. They notify people of a security risk and claim their computers have a virus. The caller offers to help remove the virus for payment upfront.

The Truth:

This is a scam, and we believe that there are many imposters preying randomly on computer consumers. A family member of one of our team was recently contacted several times by such a con artist.

One of the company names used by the tricksters is Global Cloud Connect. According to the website, it is based in India, and people have been registering complaints since January 2012. Scambook said they have gotten over 100 complaints, and the average cost of the “removal” has been $1,231.40.

The scam is not an old one, and, according to the Norton community board, such scammers have been known to use different names, including Microsoft.

Posted 08/22/14