CPA Got Stiffed by Joe Biden-Truth! But Resolved!

CPA Got Stiffed by Joe Biden- Truth! But Resolved!

Summary of eRumor:

An angry email from a CPA claiming Joe Biden failed to pay for his 1988 Presidential campaign finance disclosure agreement and air time. The email called Biden a liar and a cheat, racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid debts.

The Truth:

This email is authentic, but the author told that the matter has been resolved between him and Joe Biden and that part of the bill has been paid.

The eRumor began circulating in August, 2008.

Bruce Riddle is a Certified Public Accountant whose was hired by Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign to prepare required financial disclosures.  Riddle said he never got paid $15,000 that was owed.

Riddle is also affiliated with a jet charter company that he said Biden used in a presidential campaign but after the campaign ended, Biden failed to pay $150,000 in costs for chartering jet flights.

Riddle told that since the time he sent out the email, Biden has paid the bill for the jet flights and Riddle decided to write-off the other bill because it was from so long ago.

This was another occasion of what we describe as someone becoming an unintentional internet celebrity.  Riddle sent this email to a handful of family members.  He never intended for it to go public.  But it got forwarded and has circulated all over the English speaking world. 

Riddle said he’d been getting hundreds of phone calls and emails each day from people asking about the eRumor and was having a tough time getting his work done! 

His plea is that people stop forwarding it.

posted 09/04/08