Crypto Locker Virus Warning-Truth!

Crypto Locker Virus Warning-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email warning about opening attachments in emails from strangers.   A harmless looking doc, xls, jpg or ppt file could lock up your computer and hold it for ransom until you agree to pay cyber criminals for a key.

The Truth:
The warning is real and so is the Crypto Locker ransomware according to a October 3, 2013 article by WSET News, an ABC affiliate in Lynchburg, VA.    The article said, “It’s as simple as opening an email or visiting a contaminated website, and once it hits your software victims say the only thing to do, is pay up.”

Sample of a cyber locked screen, an antivirus software manufacturer,  warned that “malware writers are constantly updating and releasing new variants and families,”  so having current anti virus protection is the best safeguard against such ransomware.

Posted 10/09/13