Pray for Dean Thomson, severely injured in a sledding accident-Truth, but Resolved!

Pray for Dean Thomson, Severely Injured in a Sledding Accident-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:   

An email requesting prayer says that 7th grader Dean Thomson of Wheaton, Illinois smashed head-on into a tree while on a Boy Scout sledding trip.  He was taken to the University of Chicago with numerous gruesome injuries to his had and face.

The Truth:

We had this listed as Unproven! for several months, but we got an email from Dean’s mother and also communicated with his aunt, who is the one who started the email prayer request for him.
Melene Thomson told us that Dean’s skull was fractured in three places, his nose was pushed up and into his nasal cavity, and there was a direct opening from his nose to his brain.  His fellow scouts gave him first-aid for more than an hour until paramedics arrived and took Dean to a hospital in Indiana.  He was later taken by helicopter to the University of Chicago.
Melene says Dean has fully recovered and enjoys rock climbing, soccer and mountain biking, among other activities.
She wrote, “ Thanks to hundreds of people across the country (many we didn’t even know) that prayed for our son.  His face looks completely restored, and he has no pending health concerns.
Last updated 9/26/01