Delta Airlines Giving Away Free Tickets on Facebook-Scam!

Delta Airlines Giving Away Free Tickets on Facebook-Scam!

Summary of eRumor:
Delta Airlines is giving away free tickets on Facebook to people who like and comment on a post, and take part in a brief survey.
The Truth:
False claims that Delta Airlines is giving away free tickets that surfaced on Facebook in July 2017 are tied to a survey scam.
The post claims that “Delta Airline” — which is different than the company’s official name, “Delta Air Lines” — is giving away two free tickets per person to celebrate its 88th anniversary.

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A Facebook post claiming that Delta Air Lines was giving away free tickets went viral in July 2017.

In order to redeem the free Delta Air Lines tickets, readers are advised to like and share the post before taking part in a brief survey. This is what’s known as a survey scam. Imposters design social media profiles that look very similar to those of reputable companies, and then offer free products or services in exchange for likes, shares and personal information.
The Delta airline ticket giveaway hoax was so widespread that the police department in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin, issued a warning on social media after receiving calls from concerned citizens:

The Facebook post below which claims that Delta Airlines is giving away free tickets, is another Delta Airlines Facebook survey scam. The scam will attempt to trick potential victims into commenting on it, liking it, sharing it and completing surveys, by claiming that they have to do so in order for a chance of receiving one of the free airline tickets.

But, the Facebook post is a fake and is not associated with Delta Airlines. It is only a scam to get Facebook users to comment on, “like” or share in order to spread the same scam to other Facebook users. Facebook users who have received the scam on their Facebook Wall or Timeline, are asked to report it to Facebook as spam.

Delta has been the subject of survey scams in the past. In 2016, a similar false claim about Delta giving away free tickets to anywhere in the world and $5,000 in spending cash went viral. That too was survey scam.
To avoid survey scams, make sure that  promotions are coming from a company’s verified social media account. Also, reputable companies will never ask you to provide personal information via social media, and promotions that require you to like or comment on a social media post are almost always a scam.